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Full Version: Calendar Event
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I created an event for tonight's tournament in the calendar and made it public. Shouldn't it appear somewhere on the main page or do you have to actually  go to the calendar to see it?
Try now, I updated permissions.
Yeah it works in the game hub now. But I was talking about the forum calendar here lol
Oh, lol.

Ok, try now.
Nothing. Isn't it supposed to say like "Today's Birthdays"?
Not sure, never used it. But, you have admin power, that's the highest level.
Bottem left, you should see "add public event".
I guess you have to go in and view the calendar to see the event. Up until recently I always used "Show todays posts" and "View unread posts". On the 6th of this month I clicked on "Alien Arena Official Forums, and just above the "Who is online" section it had a Today's Birthdays and showed Caz's birthday. I have never saw that before, maybe it's just a admin notice?