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Full Version: It came outta mah screen!
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Wasted the afternoon fooling around today...seriously needed a break from the computer screen.

[Image: real_martian1.jpg]

[Image: real_martian2.jpg]

Kinda tough vacuum forming the helmet for a 3 inch figurine, had some folds, so I cut the folds to make them look like cracks in the glass.
* [SiN]bAnfire wants an army of those!
Wow Deathray, you are a real artist!
I'd like to play chess with pawns like that Smile
Yeah, I was thinking of a chess set actually.  I do need to mold the helmets though, vacuum forming them is too hard and they look wrinkly.  Definitely a long-term project though, lol. 

I'll upload the files if anyone wants to print out their own.
Dat is pretty badazzze
Me dog would eat him :-P
Your dog will be turned into a half melted pile of fur, goo and bones!