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Full Version: Updates, Dreamhack, CTF, and more!
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(11-27-2017, 01:20 PM)DeathRay Wrote: [ -> ]

Nice explanations, Mister Deathray :-)

I too am not a giant fan of the bright skins. kinda makes them hard to aim at (in my eyes). I adored the previous head bubbles (or wuteva we could turn on before)
Alas..if that's what the people want :-P.

I have good feelings about the exposure on Steam. I see people trickling in and playing on the new servers. I think it will only get better. and, of course, I jump in when I can to make sure they know that the bots are ez :-)
You can still turn those head bubbles on (though I request if anyone is recording videos to upload, please, turn them off when recording).

The Steam exposure was minimal.  The actual exposure from Steam itself lasted about a nano-second.  Literally we were off of the front page in less than 1 hour.  I paid a company to do some promo, but they had a pretty small audience.  The next promo, that starts in a few days is exposing us to an audience 20x that size, and a second promo(a major bundle inclusion) puts us in front of an audience 30x the size of the initial promo.  We also we be at Dreamhack, promoting the game, to pro gamers as well, and then a Christmas promo, and another bundle and promo in January.