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Full Version: CTF/DM Eizo
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My latest map is dedicated for Alien Arenas sponsor Eizo. Its medium sized and has a destroyed urban look. Ive added a lot of details, probably too much because the performance is improveable. The map has a size over 30mb (unpacked), im not aware there is any other 3rdparty map with that large number of content so i think i hold a record. I think the map looks good and dont need to hide behind stock maps such as impact. enough said: lemme show some screenshots
[Image: hnnk.jpg]

[Image: zde4.jpg]

[Image: 3uqq.jpg]

[Image: f4j3.jpg]

the next screenshots show the ctf version
[Image: j4ca.jpg]

[Image: bu8g.jpg]

And here is additional a video of the map

Download (Edit: Updated Downloadlink)

- Enjoy

I hope we will soon plays on it Smile
Nice map. Should be playable by both small and big crowds. Well done Freaky!
Up and running on BBM.
Very nice work Freaky
Great Smile
Looking great!

My only suggestion would be to use that grass shader on the bathroom and store floors to give it that true "overgrown" feel to it, and maybe some more debris and spiderwebs in the bathroom and store.
It really doesn't need to hide behind the stock maps and why should it be? The performance is ok and better than in the map impact, imo. I don't like maps with a lot of details, particulary for the fast fps games. It really distracts my way of playing, but you did a great job and it looks like a lot of work to create this kind of map.

Well done Mapmaker No.2! And who could be on the first place? It starts with the letter I and ends with T =D
I have a couple of more suggestions, if you want you can PM me about them.
I also have some layout suggestions, you can PM me if you want.
this map is not in beta.
it has been made for eizo and has officially been released
during dreamhack summer 2013.
the gameplay is fantastic, with a great flow.
asap, i will upload demos made from the tourneys we ran on it.

freaky, u r da man :-)
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