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  missing resolution
Posted by: Ivan76 - 09-22-2012, 01:19 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

I would like to know how to put the game at 1440 x 900 resolution in order to view it properly ....But why not include in the game as any other?? Wink

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  Community Probe: X-Files(Archive)
Posted by: Mischief - 09-18-2012, 07:50 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Can you guys please sticky this?

August 2012: Freaky
September 2012: Xulb
October 2012: berycz
November 2012: Rigel
December 2012: ??? - Special Big Grin

January 2013: ???
February 2013: ???
March 2013: ???
April 2013: ???
May 2013: ???
June 2013: ???
July 2013: ???
August 2013: ???
September 2013: ???
October 2013: ???
November 2013: ???
December 2013: ???

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  Community Probe September 2012
Posted by: Mischief - 09-18-2012, 07:47 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Here it is, the second edition of the (thought to be, we still have yet to find concrete evidence, painful) Probe.

Take a look into Xulb's files.

[Image: probedXulb.png]

Q: A short bio about yourself?

A: I'm a middle aged US male, height/weight proportionate. I spent a long time in academia, but now I work for a living. I am the founder and sole citizen of Xulbia, a place which exists principally in my mind, but which worthy adversaries may visit through the magic of AA (as long as my ISP gets paid on time).

Q: How/when did you hear about AA?

A: I'm always obsessed by one game or other, but the time comes to move on. I was really into Star Wars Battlefront, my first FPS, playing only against bots. That started to bore the crap out of me, so I googled "Free FPS". That led me to an article about the best free FPS games, and from the list, AA appealed to me most. That was Oct 2011. I downloaded, tried it out, and... well, you guys know the rest...AA is like crack. (Not that I know what crack is like; just a note to the government Google sniffers.)

Q: Favorite weapon?

A: Pulse rifle, baby!

Q: What is Xulbia.org, and whats with the "Our Founder" picture?

A: Xulbia.org is the only way to access Xulbia without a massive, multinational combined space effort with accompanying exorbitant expenditures. I, of course, am Our Founder. I bear an uncanny resemblance to the Enforcer. The flower symbolizes the peace we enjoy on Xulbia, mainly because others get fragged and so cannot disturb it.

Q: You run a few servers, what made you want to do this?

A: I'm a hacker at heart. So, I started just to see if I could do it. Also, I wanted to see whether a cloud-based server in the US would have decent performance and gain any traction. So far...so good....?

Q: When you aren't splattering green guts around arenas, what are you up to?

A: Asking my wife if I could please play one more game if I get the lawn mowed.

Q: What is/are your favorite game mode/s?

A: Favorite mode, I go back and forth between ctf and ffa insta. It really depends who's playing. When fun peeps are playing, any mode is fun, imho.

Q: What is/are your favorite character model/s?

A: I stick with Enforcer. But I'll tell you, I love the explosion that occurs when you frag a bot model.

Q: What is your favorite part of the AA community?

A: (Serious now...) The real ability to make friends all around the world. Kinda crazy how blowing people apart virtually can bring them together in reality.

Q: Favorite fast food?

A: Big Mac, baby!

Q: If an alien invasion happened, whats the first thing you would do, and do you think Alien Arena has helped prepare you?

A: Well, the first thing I would do is finish the round I was playing, especially since if you quit on Eddie, he trash-talks you. AA has definitely prepared me to hide behind Bonnie, Lance, Marv, Toast, Vaan, BG, and the many others who will protect me while I'm trying for the seventh time to gun-jump behind the big shipping containers.

Sorry about the torture Xulb. Wink

Use this in your signature:


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  What does 'overflowed' mean?
Posted by: Xulb - 09-16-2012, 10:28 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Occasionally someone 'overflows'...sounds and acts like a crash, but the server (client?) understands it. What is it?

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  Quadro cards pwn with open Gl?
Posted by: Gwen - 09-11-2012, 12:21 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)


I heard somewhere that nvidia quadro cards are far superior compared to geforce or radeon cards when it comes to open gl. Is this true? And would this mean that if. I wanted to build a cheap computer that only needs to do you basic browsing, word/exel and alien arena, would be better of with a lowend quadro (smthin quadro nvs300) than a low end geforce (something like a gt640)?

Thanks in advance!

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  Server list [solved]
Posted by: animal - 09-10-2012, 10:37 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

I just installed AA on a linux box from svn. All is ok except that the server list is empty. Any ideas?

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Question OS X Port Poll
Posted by: CPJ - 09-09-2012, 07:20 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Guten Abend,

I'm trying to gauge support for the effort to port Alien Arena to OS X and possibly (very speculatively in very future tense) iOS for the iPad. It'd be a phased approach, hopefully culminating in a version available from the App Store. As a starting point, I need to decide on a minimum supported OS -- which is where your poll answers come in.

I also need some help from a Photoshop and/or GIMP user who can spin me up some high quality, legible icons of the AA grinning mascot in 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 32x32, and 16x16 sizes. They should include masks about 2 pixels larger than the edges of the icons, so the icons at their widest point probably shouldn't be more than 510, 254, etc.. pixels across.

Auf wiedersprachen.

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  FPS expectations
Posted by: {DO}Rigel - 09-08-2012, 10:10 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (9)

I'm a little disappointed with how my system is working with the latest changes. I may not have the best system, but I used to get a lot better FPS than this.

System Specs:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
CPU: Athlon II X2 255 3.1 GHz
Motherboard: MSI 880GM-E43
Memory: 4 Gig DDR3 Corsair XMS3
Graphics Card: PNY GeForce GTX 460 OC (nVidia driver ver 301.42 - no updates are indicated)

FPS on ctf-invasion (me+2bots vs 3 bots)
Highest Settings: ~15 (dips below 10 when intense)
High Settings: ~22 (dips to 10 when intense)
Medium Settings: ~52 (dips below 20 when intense)
Low Settings: ~52 (dips below 20 when intense)
Lowest Settings: ~52 (dips below 20 when intense)

1 core on the CPU is maxed out all the time, the other is hardly used. I don't have a GPU meter installed atm, so I don't know how its doing. I do know that r_gpuanim 1 makes no difference (not sure if that's helpful). I have removed my config entirely and let the game make a new one. I did this several times, removing my autoexec.cfg as well. No change. My monitor's native resolution is the same as gl_mode 6. I do have dual monitors running off the 1 video card - it used to be fine like that on highest settings. I have not tested with 1 monitor.

config.cfg on Highest Settings:

// generated by Alien Arena. Use autoexec.cfg for custom settings.
bind TAB "score"
bind ENTER "invuse"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+moveup"
bind ' "invdrop"
bind * "next_demo"
bind + "sizeup"
bind , "weapprev"
bind - "sizedown"
bind . "weapnext"
bind / "weapnext"
bind 0 "say GG :)"
bind 1 "say Nice shot!"
bind 2 "say Thanks! :)"
bind 3 "say ^7:)"
bind 4 "say Sorry!!"
bind 5 "say_team INCOMING!"
bind 6 "say_team Base clear..."
bind 7 "say_team Need our flag returned!"
bind 8 "Rigel"
bind 9 "Msgs"
bind = "sizeup"
bind [ "invprev"
bind \ "PlayerModels_toggle"
bind ] "invnext"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind a "use Disruptor"
bind b "say_team DEFENSE: Help! We're being BLITZED!!"
bind c "use Flame Thrower"
bind d "+back"
bind e "+forward"
bind f "+moveright"
bind h "use haste"
bind i "use invisibility"
bind j "use sproing"
bind k "wave 2"
bind l "wave 3"
bind m "messagemode3"
bind n "NetGrph_toggle"
bind o "say_team Organize! Work together! ESCORT the carrier!!"
bind p "NewName"
bind q "use Blaster"
bind r "use Violator"
bind s "+moveleft"
bind t "use Alien Smartgun"
bind u "messagemode"
bind v "Vol_toggle"
bind w "use Alien Vaporizer"
bind x "drop strafer; drop bomber; drop hover"
bind y "messagemode2"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind BACKSPACE "invdrop"
bind UPARROW "nmeHigh"
bind DOWNARROW "nmeLow"
bind LEFTARROW "nmeLeft"
bind RIGHTARROW "nmeRight"
bind ALT "+strafe"
bind CTRL "+attack"
bind SHIFT "+movedown"
bind F1 "vote 1"
bind F2 "vote 2"
bind F3 "vote 3"
bind F4 "vote 4"
bind F5 "exec acRigel.cfg"
bind F6 "exec Rigel.cfg"
bind F7 "exec Meissa.cfg"
bind F8 "exec BNice.cfg"
bind F9 "quit"
bind F10 "recnnct"
bind F11 "snd_restart"
bind F12 "screenshot"
bind INS "+klook"
bind DEL "5cycles"
bind PGDN "+lookup"
bind HOME "nmeCenter"
bind END "nmeBehind"
bind KP_PGUP "vtaunt 1"
bind KP_END "snd_restart"
bind KP_PGDN "vtaunt 0"
bind KP_MINUS "demstop"
bind KP_PLUS "+fastdemo"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "+attack2"
bind MOUSE3 "use Pulse Rifle"
bind MWHEELDOWN "use Alien Disruptor"
bind MWHEELUP "use Rocket Launcher"
bind PAUSE "pause"
set fov "90"
set msg "1"
set adr0 ""
set adr1 ""
set adr2 ""
set adr3 ""
set adr4 ""
set adr5 ""
set adr6 ""
set adr7 ""
set adr8 ""
set hand "0"
set name "^3AC:{^7DO^3}^1Rigel"
set rate "25000"
set skin "slashbot/tdoo"
set cl_precachecustom "0"
set cl_showplayernames "0"
set r_minimap_style "1"
set r_lensflare "1"
set cl_drawfps "1"
set r_drawsun "0"
set cl_IRC_reconnect_delay "100"
set m_yaw "0.022"
set gl_mode "6"
set gl_screenshot_type "jpeg"
set r_shaders "1"
set cl_noblood "0"
set cl_noskins "0"
set cl_drawbandwidth "0"
set cl_vehicle_huds "1"
set logfile "1"
set logname "qconsole.log"
set sv_iplogfile ""
set g_dm_lights "1"
set r_lensflare_intens "3"
set vid_ref "soft"
set s_volume "0.300000"
set gl_texturesolidmode "default"
set r_shadowmapratio "2"
set cl_IRC_connect_at_startup "1"
set s_maxsources "128"
set sv_reconnect_limit "3"
set sensitivity ".62"
set gl_particle_max_size "40"
set r_hdlightmaps "1"
set cl_blend "1"
set cl_brass "1"
set scr_consize "0.5"
set r_overbrightbits "2"
set gl_normalmaps "1"
set fnt_center_size "0"
set gl_glsl_shaders "1"
set m_accel "0"
set gl_swapinterval "0"
set m_pitch "0.022"
set cl_vwep "1"
set r_ext_max_anisotropy "16"
set cl_drawframesover "0"
set r_bloom "1"
set cl_centerprint "1"
set cl_alltimespeedrecord "619.562927"
set vid_fullscreen "1"
set gender_auto "1"
set gl_shadowmaps "1"
set r_bloom_intensity "0.500000"
set cl_latest_game_version_server "http://red.planetarena.org/version/crx_version"
set fnt_console "freesans"
set background_music_vol "0.2"
set r_minimap_size "256"
set r_minimap_zoom "1"
set vid_xpos "3"
set vid_ypos "22"
set r_gpuanim_debug "0"
set vid_gamma "1"
set vid_width "1024"
set cl_showaccelerometer "0"
set cl_explosiondist "0"
set gl_texturealphamode "default"
set allow_download_maps "1"
set lookspring "1"
set lookstrafe "0"
set cl_stats_server "http://stats.planetarena.org"
set sys_priority "0"
set cl_playtaunts "1"
set crosshair "crosshairs/dot1"
set vid_height "768"
set r_ragdoll_debug "0"
set cl_IRC_override_nickname "1"
set scr_printspeed "8"
set r_bloom_diamond_size "8"
set background_music "1"
set cl_drawtimer "1"
set cl_simpleitems "0"
set fnt_console_size "0"
set cl_dmlights "1"
set cl_IRC_port "6667"
set gl_vlights "1"
set cl_IRC_nickname "aa_Rigel"
set menu_sensitivity "1"
set cl_hudimage1 "pics/huds/cleanred1"
set cl_hudimage2 "pics/huds/cleanred2"
set cl_master "master.corservers.com"
set cl_maxfps "60"
set cl_showspeedometer "1"
set cl_IRC_server "irc.planetarena.org"
set gl_ext_compiled_vertex_array "1"
set s_doppler "1"
set cl_disbeamclr "0"
set m_smoothing "0"
set r_bloom_darken "8"
set r_gpuanim "0"
set r_bloom_alpha "0.2"
set freelook "1"
set ttf_autohint "0"
set scr_centertime "2.5"
set r_anisotropic "16"
set r_firstrun "1"
set cl_gun "1"
set cl_run "1"
set cl_raindist "1"
set fnt_game_size "0"
set s_minsources "96"
set scr_conspeed "3"
set gender "male"
set gl_particle_min_size ".2"
set gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"
set sys_affinity "1"
set vid_displayfrequency "0"
set gl_screenshot_jpeg_quality "85"
set cl_IRC_channel "ducesoforion"
set gl_particle_size "40"
set allow_download_players "0"
set cl_master2 "master2.corservers.com"
set allow_download_models "1"
set _windowed_mouse "1"
set r_test "0"
set r_wave "2"
set gl_driver "opengl32.dll"
set gl_ext_swapinterval "1"
set gl_finish "0"
set r_ragdolls "1"
set allow_download_sounds "1"
set r_minimap "0"
set ttf_subpixel "0"
set r_shadowcutoff "880"
set in_joystick "0"
set gl_modulate "2"
set r_bloom_fast_sample "0"
set gl_mirror "1"
set con_font "default"
set gl_shadows "0"
set cl_paindist "0"
set win_noalttab "0"
set gl_picmip "0"
set gl_glsl_postprocess "1"
set cl_IRC_kick_rejoin "1"
set gl_dynamic "1"
set gl_ext_pointparameters "0"
set gl_arb_fragment_program "1"
set r_bloom_sample_size "128"
set fnt_game "fat"
set gl_usevbo "1"
set allow_download "1"
set gl_particle_att_a "0.01"
set gl_particle_att_b "0.0"
set gl_particle_att_c "0.01"
set vid_contrast "1"
set hostname "noname"
set cl_healthaura "1"
set cl_latest_game_version "7.61"
set cl_stereo_separation "0.4"
set s_device "Default"
set in_mouse "1"

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Posted by: animal - 09-08-2012, 08:41 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Can anyone of you graphics gurus fix the offset of the dot.tga crosshair for left hand. I tried to attach it, but the system says its not a supported file type. If needed I can email it.
thanks in advance Smile

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  Hold forth on camping
Posted by: Xulb - 09-06-2012, 10:10 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (18)

Many of us hate playing with campers. What I'm curious about is, why? I know, I know, they slow the action down, there is something "unfair" about the practice, etc. But you can take the opposite tack, and say, defeating a camper is a challenge and a skill, just like the many other skills there are to master in the game. My personal opinion is, rather than lecturing them to death in-game (which never works, btw), just shoot 'em.

But I am interested in hearing your opinions.
cheers X

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