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  Happy Birthday $hifty
Posted by: berycz - 09-01-2016, 03:09 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

[Image: 7031a51b20f40c35ea2e0667f5b4bee2.jpg]

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  another question???
Posted by: O'scar - 08-30-2016, 10:13 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

?? why am i moving at full speed and have other players running in circles around me?? to add
insult to injury they are getting off three shots to my one...some times i have speed and sometimes
like running thru waist deep mud??...is it the ping rate or ??? Huh

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  Happy B-Day [SiN]Rilo
Posted by: [SiN]bAnfire - 08-30-2016, 04:12 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Happy happy 8!

Been a few weeks since we talked last, but cheers 'n beers Smile

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  mamabear alien arena videos for everyones enjoyment
Posted by: mamabear03 - 08-28-2016, 12:10 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

hey folks im going to post vids here for yall to enjoy!


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  what happen to alien arena? make a come back!
Posted by: mamabear03 - 08-26-2016, 09:49 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (11)

hey guys its {BPC}mamabear ya its been awhile since that name has came up huh!!

do yall remember the good ol days of fragging the crap out of each other doing clan wars, or having drunkin night and have like the 6 of us on video chat and playing games like who ever died first had to take a shot! Man those days where the best or going into aa pub and play games with the bot and pass out random virtual drinks! those days where great and i would like to recall those days with all the members and get aa back to how it use to be back then! a few of the old members are still around i know and i would love to call on a lot more of ya old farts to get those fragging fingers warmed up and lets all get back into the arena at least once a week! its still a great game even on this day and time and should have the recognition it should have!

also some of yall know i have turned to making videos for youtube and did a test video using my obs graphics are crappy but the views on it is shocking if it has that many views i can for sure to new faces to join us!

here is proof that aa is still a wanted game

So come on folks lets see more faces in here in chat and in game and bring this great community back to life like it use to be!
the mama said so!

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  Question?? from new player
Posted by: O'scar - 07-16-2016, 07:41 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

kicked from game due to, " invalid character class" ???? playing against 4 bots...
.......any info. appreciated.......also what are games that are listed with "no name"...
are they private....or for practice.

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  Another Question///
Posted by: O'scar - 07-06-2016, 09:05 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

?? when i enter some of the matches.....weapon will fire....but unable to move....have to
leave the game and then log back in and then can fire and move...
is this normal or something wrong with my connection.
thanks Huh

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  new guy with questions??
Posted by: O'scar - 07-02-2016, 09:22 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (8)

on galaxy server browser....how do you tell if you are playing against AI's or real people??
and how do you change from a slash bot ( i am only offered slash bot in red or blue color) and
no other options that i can find....would like to be more human in appearance...if possible
thanks... Huh

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  The official Gen 3 Map List
Posted by: DeathRay - 06-16-2016, 12:38 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

This thread is somewhere to keep discussion about the Gen 3 maps in one place. I've done a number of the suggestions/bug fixes in the other thread, but I wanted to create an ongoing thread that keeps it limited to only map talk. I'll start with a list of the maps, some descriptions and history of them.


Dm-Deathray: Medium. Wild alien space station theme. (purple, green, gray palette) - Inspiration: Roughly Q3's Q3DM6 and Tim Burton

Deathray was influenced by the classic Q3 map, Q3DM6 "Campgrounds". It's origins trace back to 2009, during Alien Arena's map revolution era. The detail level was high, and this of course, as all of the maps during this time, used UT3 as a measuring stick. The map was popular, though it had a few design flaws that made it less than ideal. First, both of the main tech rooms had too many obstructions in the center, which hindered speed and flow. The other main issue was the small ramp area between floors 1 and 2 that held the disruptor, it had a very small entrance, was far too steep and tight. Deathray was a unique map, where players could activate the "deathray to destroy their oponents. For Generation 3 the areas with obstructions were re-arranged, and the steep ramp area was redone completely from scratch. The map received major texture updates and numerous new details without sacrificing flow or performance. Possibly the most improved of all Gen 3 maps, Deathray, with it's Tim Burtonesque looks and fast flow, is Alien Arena personified.

Dm-Dynamo: Small. Hi-tech theme with water. (blue, orange, grey palette) - Inspiration: UT2k4's Dm-Iron Diety.

This is the third oldest of Alien Arena's Gen 3 maps. It was initially created in Spring of 2006 as I tried to recreate a section of UT2004's Dm-Irondiety, using a lot of tiny, intricate brushes, and then expand the layout into something original. This was the very first of the "Tech Series" maps, and served as a springboard for a prolific period of map creation. Very quickly the map was updated, mostly to improve the poor performance, and improve the texture placement. The map was an instant hit, and the maps it inspired began to help with pushing Alien Arena into it's peak era of popularity. Eventually the map was redone in 2008 for Gen 2, and it began losing the architecture of Irondiety, and becoming something a bit more original looking. In 2012 it received another facelift, though minor, it was done to take advantage of new engine features, and add some new texture details. For Gen 3, the map was retextured, and most of the architecture was stripped out and replaced with meshes. Now, the only thing that remains from it's original inspiration, are the tube lamps.

Dm-Extermination: Medium. Burned out city theme. (Brown, green palette) - Inpiration: Mostly original, some minor Rage influence in overall theme.

Introduced late in Generation 2, this map followed a trend of that time of post apocalyptic burned out urban areas. The design was intended to be similar to Dm-Crucible, another Alien Arena map. A main room with multiple levels housing a jump pad in the center, and looping connecting corridors that go away from, and then back to the main room taking you to areas with weapons and powerups. One of Alien Arena's best layouts, Extermination was intially a bit on the dark side, so for Generation 3 lighting is increased, and various textures and assets changed as well as replacing some brushwork with terrain meshes.

: Large. Frozen cryogenic lab, hi-tech theme. (Grey, green, yellow palette) - Inspiration: Mostly Original, some UT2k4 architecture in places.

Alien Arena's largest map debuted in the intial Gen 2 release in 2008. The first iteration found the level to be very inpsired by UT2k4 in terms of architecture, but the layout was wholly original. In 2011 the map was revamped, this time adding a connecting corridor to correct a chokepoint issue that bothered many players, and further increasing the square footage of an already large map. Much of the archtecture was replaced, and while it still had a mild UT2k4 influence, it felt pretty original. For Generation 3 the map was fully redone using updated assets and textures, as well as adding piles of snow using terrain meshes to further the icy, cold theme.

Dm-Violator: Small. Very hi-tech, alien theme. (Grey, green palette) - Inspiration: Original, UT3 inspired architecture.

Violator is a map that has not only been around since near the beginning, it's been completely redone 3 times. The original Violator was introduced in the summer of 2005 as a dark, mysterious looking map that turned out to be one of the most fun at the time. The map survived during the huge upheavals in 2006, and was completely redone from scratch to become possibly Alien Arena's most popular map in Gen 1. In 2009 once again, the map was redone from scratch and like most maps of the era made with a lot of static meshes. The layout always remained true to it's roots, despite the "back to the drawing board" methods of it's design. In each iteration the map grew a little smaller and concise, with smoothness of layout being a focus. The Gen 3 version of this map is one of the game's most detailed, visually pleasing affairs. Much brushwork has been replaced with static meshes, and trouble spots have been smoothed out.

Dm-Turbo: Small. Hi tech but gritty theme. (Grey, green, brown palette) - Inspiration: UT2k4's Dm-Goliath for theme and architecture, layout is wholly original.

The sister map to Dismal, Turbo was the other "new" map that was born in the first Gen 2 release. Sporting a theme and architecture that was heavily inspired by UT2k4's Dm-Goliath, portions of the layout and other ideas were as well. (interestingly, Goliath also inspired another AA map, "Leviathan"). Turbo received some updates some time later to the architecture, but largely went unchanged for many years. Always a fan favorite, this map was certain to be included for a revamp in Gen 3. The revamp changed textures, replaced brushes with meshes, and added a terrain mesh to the bottom floor along with a number of details to change it from a clean tech map into a burned out, gored up arena of death.

: Large. Desert, post apocalyptic theme. (brown, grey, ruddy palette) - Inspiration: Original, with some Rage themes.

Wasteland was the first map created using the new Gen 3 terrain tech the engine supported. It really was just playing around with it, and trying to see what could be done. I thought of Rage when creating it as a desert wasteland type map with broken highways, etc, but for the most part the map is completely original. It has been tweaked and revamped a few times to make it into something playable and fun, as well as improved the look of it. It's probably Alien Arena's largest map, and most vertical in some ways.

Dm-Babel: Medium. Satanic hell theme. (Black, red, brown palette) - Inspiration: UT2k3/4 Dm-Inferno for theme and center section.

The central portion of Babel was originally a pretty faithful remake of Dm-Inferno, though the overall layout was mostly original. When the map was revamped in 2011, it received a new section and walkway to make it play a little larger. Possibly one of the most fun playing maps in all of Alien Arena, Babel was heavily revamped for Gen 3, with a real attempt to distance itself from it's Dm-Inferno roots thematically, to take it to another level of "evil".

Dm-Neptune: Medium. Undersea theme with hi-tech elements. (Blue-green, grey, brown palette) - Inspiration: UT3's Dm-Oceanrelic for concept, layout is original.

Another map that was created late in Gen 2's pipeline, Neptune was a map that held certain popularity due to it's fairly large size, somewhat complex layout, and action packed central area. Like many Alien Arena maps, it's conceptually designed to draw people into a common area and does this quite well. One of the more difficult updates, the idea to made it mossier, and have animated sharks outside of the glass was inspirational enough to make the effort worthwhile and fun. Terrain meshes abound where caves and dirt were previously built with blocky brushes, and the lighting was tweaked and improved significantly. Some trouble areas were smoothed out, and overall it is one of the cooler, prettier maps in the game. My idea to create this came after playing Dm-Oceanrelic in UT3, so the center room resembles that a bit, and the concept of the map is quite similar, though the overal layout is completely original.

Dm-Bloodfactory: Small. Gory, blood soaked old factory theme. (brown, red palette) - Inspiration: Original, some minor UT2k4 architecture influences.

Many considered Bloodfactory to be Alien Arena's best map and layout. The map originated in 2006 during the "tech" era of map revival, and was updated again in 2012 with more detail and some layout tweaks. One of the easier updates, most of the work for Gen 3 involved lighting and textures, and replacing brush work with terrain meshes. Always one of the more disturbing looking maps, Bloodfactory retained that grim visage.

Dm-Gauntlet: Small. Tech theme, slime generators. (Green, grey palette) - Inspiration: UT2k3/4's Dm-Gael/Morbius.

One of Alien Arena's oldest, most enduring designs is the Gauntlet. This map first appeared in the "Rust Era" of map design, initially released in the Gold Edition. Inspired heavily by the UT2k4 map Dm-Gael(and previously Morbias in UT99), the first iteration of the map was colorful, fast, and extremely popular. During the "Tech Era" revival of maps, it was redone with only the ceiling brushwork remaining intact. All weapons were now rocket launcers as in Gael, due to player complaints of it being too small for the beamgun. Renamed "Chasmatic", this new version also removed the quad and pit in the middle, which led to a new variety of complaints, despite improving the walls and jump pads for better flow and visual fidelity. The roof area was widened slightly to accomodate rotating fans instead of lights. In 2009 the map was again redone significantly, with new brushwork on the top walls(which were also widened due to complaints of restriction), the return of the quad pit, and a new slime theme. Despite these improvements, players still longed for the original. For Gen 3 the name returned to Gauntlet, and the layout was changed to further resemble the original as well. The quad pit was made very similar, including the red fog of death, and the lower walls widened to match the top walls that had widened in the previous update.

Proposed Deathmatch maps

Dm-Purgatory: Small. Gothic theme. (Green, brown palette) - Inspiration: Main room was by UT3's Dm-Sanctuary, layout is original.

The remake of purgatory will likely distance itself completely from it's UT3 roots(which were pretty minor actually), and really ramp up the visual fidelity. It will use the new terrain tech throughout.

Dm-Crucible: Small. Gothic theme. (Grey, brown, green palette) - Inspiration: Completely original.

This is Alien Arena's oldest remaining map. It has problems with flow, and these will be fixed to make it easier to navigate. It will get a retexture, and a more gruesome appearance. The overall color will change most likely.

: Large. Hi-tech factory theme. (Green, gray palette) - Inspiration: UT3's Dm-Carbonfire for theme, layout wholly original.

Warmachine is a pretty popular map in the day, so it's going to get redone. I may change the palette a bit, probably to be closer to what Dynamo currently is, and try to distance it somewhat from it's UT3 roots.

Dm-annihilation: Medium. Burned out city theme. (Brown, green palette) - Inspiration: Mostly original, possibly some minor influence from UT3's Dm-defiance with the collapsed floors/roofs.

Annihilation is a no-brainer, and it's already been mostly converted in the TAC map, so this will definitely be done.


Ctf-Extermination: Large. Burned out city theme. Inspiration: Original, with some minor Rage influences in theme.

Mirrored Dm-Extermination with additional pathways added in mid sections. Originally created by Rigel, and then updated to Gen 3 by Irritant.

Ctf-Frost: Medium. Frozen, hi-tech theme. Inspiration: Portions of the bases patterned after UT3's Ctf-Coret, rest is wholly original.

Open, assymetrical outdoor section, with dual teleports into each team's base. Fairly unique design and concept.

Ctf-Violator: Large. Very hi-tech, alien theme. Inspiration: Architecture from various UT3 influences, layout wholly original.

Mirrored Dm-Violator, with additional sections added for the flag bases.

Proposed CTF maps

Ctf-Cryogenics: Large. Hi-tech theme. Inspiration: Original.

Large, symetrical map with a variety of long paths to get to bases, central area very large with intersecting sections.

Ctf-Stronghold: Large. Gothic mixed with tech theme. Inspiration: Q3's CTF3.

The new version of this map will mix a gothic theme similar to Babel on the "red" side, and a hi-tech theme on the "blue" side.


: Large. Burned out city theme. Inspiration: Original, with some minor Rage influences in theme.

Mirrored Dm-Extermination with additional pathways added in mid sections. Originally created by Rigel, converted to TAC by Irritant.

Tac-Impact: Large. Burned out city theme. Inspiration: Original, with some minor Rage influences in theme.

Completely assymetrical map made by combining Dm-Annihilation with Dm-Impact.

Proposed TAC maps

Tac-Violator: Large. Hi-Tech theme.

Tac-Stronghold: Large. Gothic mixed with hi-tech theme.

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  The Gen 3 Ideas.
Posted by: DeathRay - 06-13-2016, 01:57 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (25)

I'm not sure how many people are visiting these forums lately, but I wanted to start a thread that will help shape the gameplay of Generation 3.

1. The chaingun. I have heard complaints from the outside, that it's overpowered(Primary fire). I tend to agree, but before I make any changes I would like to hear from other players about this. It seems to me it could be knocked down about 25%, as right now it's a better weapon than the beamgun, which should not be the case.

2. More reward point powerup types. Right now we have invisibility, haste and sproing. I was thinking of adding a new one, that allows the player to see the world as translucent. Or maybe adding that to the invisiblity powerup. Hmmmm....

3. Cybergirl. I'm seriously considering bringing Cybergirl back, with a more fitting skin, and modern techniques for her hair, etc. I have to locate the source .blend file, which is mising. I probably have it on some archived CD though.

4. Glory kills. Not really like in Doom 2016, but more along the lines of when you use the violator on someone, it goes into the long death animation before spawning a ragdoll. This is visual only, doesn't affect gameplay. Accomplished with really only two lines of code.

5. The name. "Generation 3" is an internal name only. The final name, upon release will be something like "Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars" or something to that effect.

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