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Notice to Ingame IRC users - SkinMachine - 06-12-2012

If a player uses the ingame IRC option, you ARE in the main chat channel for AlienArena, since this option was implemented us "channel ops" have had our hands full dealing with offensive ingame names, and language dropping into the chat channel. On servers, only the server op can deal with offensive names or language, to talk exclusively ingame you must press "T" then "Enter" to send ingame messages that will not show up in IRC. But be advised, anyone with offensive ingame names, talk, using the ingame IRC option risks a kick, or ban from the IRC channel. We are not trying to be a hard case here, but our jobs as ops is to keep the IRC channel for Alienarena clean. Wink

RE: Notice to Ingame IRC users - Sander - 06-27-2012

Haha! .... I am one of those who ate the error at first. It happened because I knew the game before the IRC. ( T...U ). Of course no word offensive.