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Mumble Server! Voice Chat for AA! - SkinMachine - 06-12-2012

There is a mumble server dedicated to Alien Arena. It does not show up in the list of mumble servers that comes with mumble. Players will have to connect using the custom servers tab.

The original mumble server is no longer in service due to poor support!

What has become the official server for alienarena is here:
port 3656

This server is with a different vendor that seems to have a more responsive support department. The server is fully operational.

You need to run at least version 1.2.4 to be able to use both of these servers.

My intentions are to have a place for any aa players to be able to voice chat while playing aa. I also hope that it will be used for tourneys and clan matches. Wink

You can download the mumble voice chat program at
There is information at that site on installing and help with basic configuring.

setup should be fairly straight forward using the wizard. Linux users, I have no experience with linux so can offer no advice.


RE: Mumble Server! Voice Chat for AA! - Max - 10-13-2012

Damn Markov-chain spammers. Thread locked.

RE: Mumble Server! Voice Chat for AA! - Blindman - 05-22-2013

address info for the US server has been updated in the original post.
thread locked again

address updated 1-7-2015 new server.
A second address has been added to the original post 1-23-2015