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mojo (aka Sabremouse) - nealcoolio - 11-13-2016

Everyone knows mojo. He plays on a 300 ping like a monster. He has been around since I was new.
He lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.
They received a 7.8 Earthquake yesterday. That is bad bad.
Please pray/wish with me for his safety and all of those around him.

RE: mojo (aka Sabremouse) - Max - 11-13-2016

Yikes. Just a few years after the last one too. If anyone wishes to chip in, the NZ Red Cross is taking donations for this:

RE: mojo (aka Sabremouse) - [SiN]bAnfire - 11-14-2016

A quake and a tsunami...

Good luck Sabre and all peoples there.

RE: mojo (aka Sabremouse) - chessplayer - 11-17-2016

I remember him, have good memories of playing him in my early AA days, even before I joined [OS]... Really hope he is alright.

There was also a friend of him, who used the nick 'Outcast' that I haven't seem anymore, haven't heard about the two literally in years.

RE: mojo (aka Sabremouse) - Mamabear10 - 11-27-2016

my old buddy sabre(sam) i hope and pray that he and his family is ok!