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Tourneys are Back! - animal - 12-03-2016

Starting this Sunday, tourneys will be hosted again with 2 tourneys a week. They will be held on Sundays and Wednesdays at 21:00 GMT.
Kyxynox is going to host on Wednesdays and I will host on Sundays. (Anyone else wanting to help out is more than welcome. We have servers and everything, its just people to help out needed)

I would like to have some DM tourneys also. I know most don't want them, but some people do. So to be fair to both sides, every third tourney in a given month would be a Martian Mayhem.

A big thanks goes out to Kyxynox for helping out on the hosting.

RE: Tourneys are Back! - animal - 12-19-2016

Tourneys on Wednesdays are a disaster. Wednesdays have the less activity for Alien Arena than any other day. So we are stuck with 1 tourney per week on Sunday. As I stated in the previous post, every third tourney of the month will be Martian Mayhem.

Vaan had a nice idea yesterday about voting for a map to play on the next tourney. I guess the only way to do this is by having a poll in the forums. But there are far too many maps to be included in every poll so we will have to figure out some way to make this happen.

Thoughts? Suggestions?