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Resurrection - [SiN]bAnfire - 06-17-2017

Yes, I've been "inactive" way too long.
Not really inactive, always lurking in the backgrounds, but not much play time.

As of today, this will change.
Weekdays will still be few, but weekends will not.

Hopefully, all you other Aliens will resurrect and fill IRC and the servers with me!

See you all for some frenetic fragging!

RE: Resurrection - AlienCat - 06-17-2017

You work to much! Will take the fire out of you! We are glad that you are back!  Smile

RE: Resurrection - Freaky - 06-18-2017

Nice to see the fire blazeing again!

RE: Resurrection - Manchev - 06-20-2017

Nice to see you back Smile