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Lua scripting - AlienCat - 06-21-2017

Hello, for long time ago I found some old project that implemented Lua scripting in AlienArena. I can imagine as the code for AlienArena continue to change it become complicated to keep the Lua code ajour. I am interested into scripting, so I was looking up some information. Last time I was looked into it someone say instead of manually integrate Lua into the C code, xyz can be used to do the job for you. Now I forgot what xyz was but I found something called LuaJIT ffi.

I have not been able to get it to work, I guess the first way is to get all the data structures in AlienArena to Lua. I will keep looking into it when I have time. I will put more notes in this post if I found out something.

The LuaJIT thing have a few limitations such as no 64bit int support and some struct issues (maybe can be a big problem because AlienArena uses many structs).

The main reason I am trying to do this is to see if it possible to do customizations such as server modes and custom items. I am also curious about if scripts would run fast and stable. One goal is to create a small game based on AlienArena.