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Server Browser - animal - 09-16-2017

As you know I run the server browser on my VPS. I am considering changing my VPS provider to get a bigger (and cheaper) one in which I will add even more servers and keep running everything else I am running. But I have one problem regarding the chaingun server browser, it won't run on versions of php above 5.3.3. And I am not sure if I can run older versions of php on recent Debian releases. Can anybody check the code of the browser and see what can be done so it runs on more recent versions of php?

The code is here:

RE: Server Browser - Xulb - 09-16-2017

Hey Animal - I did get the browser working with PHP7 a while back. It involved a bunch of dumb little changes throughout the code. I'm seeing if I can put together a patch for you.

RE: Server Browser - animal - 09-17-2017

Thanks Xulb!

RE: Server Browser - Xulb - 09-18-2017

Ach -- I'm hacking at it -- not sure what changed, but I'll make it work again Animal

RE: Server Browser - xenos - 09-18-2017

On a side note, the levelshots haven't been changed on the server browser to reflect the newer maps with the years stripped from the end, so we're getting the wrong ones. If no one else is working on it I'm happy to fix them.

RE: Server Browser - Xulb - 09-18-2017

Ok - I'm letting the database acquire some data. I think it's not quite there yet, but will know in a while. (Xenos, I think that would be very cool.)

_edit_ : BTW, it's running at

RE: Server Browser - animal - 09-19-2017

Great Xulb! Can you upload it to svn when you are done? Do you have access?

RE: Server Browser - Xulb - 09-19-2017

Animal - I can't commit it but I can create a patch that devs could apply to the current code-- I can put it somewhere on Xulbia.
(BTW, looks like it working ok!)

RE: Server Browser - animal - 09-19-2017

Please do so. And thanks! Much appreciated!

RE: Server Browser - Xulb - 09-19-2017

OK -- here it is:

and the MD5 sum is in

and it should be 549bc81610ec083a8903520531cae649.

Update svn and download the patch to



cd /<svn>/Tools/web
patch -p1 < aaweb.php7.patch

and you should be good to go. The patch doesn't touch config.php; whatever you have now should work fine.

Let me know ! X