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Long time go... - Neo - 09-18-2017

and a lot happend in this time...

hi alls,

i hope you remember me - Neo Berlin...EJaeger...the german with (still) bad english xD, hopely still a member of [SiN].

I had a fast break, quitting AA because my daughter got cancer and we spend the last years in a hospital with a lot of therapies.

She survived and now she is a well grown lil lady without any ******* ***** and completely back to life! too,  i am back to life and back to fun...thats why i am back to AA Smile

Actually i have to resetup my whole system for playing AA...and this time i will spend to mapping for beta xD

So, is anyone out there who can teach my to setting up aaradiant right for mapping for beta?

I downloaded alls via svn, but i cant feature out the right actually it didnt work...

Thank you, sorry for my still bad english and i am happy to be back in AA Smile

Greetings from Berlin Smile

RE: Long time go... - [SiN]bAnfire - 09-21-2017

Hi Jeager!

I remember you.
Apologies for noticing your posts in the queue so late.
Good to hear you are doing well and that your daughter does so too!

RE: Long time go... - animal - 09-21-2017

Welcome back Neo. Waiting to see you in the arena!

RE: Long time go... - xenos - 09-21-2017

I have uploaded aaradiant to dropbox for either windows or linux

These are a little out of date but include everything you'll need to get going.

Note: Max and I are in the process of merging Alien Arena specific code into netradiant. Please consider aaradiant abandoned.

RE: Long time go... - Neo - 09-22-2017

thank you Smile

xenos, when i understand you right - there will be a netradiant version in the future on svn?
and aaradiant is no longer interesting for aa?

how long do you need for this setup? 

good evening

RE: Long time go... - xenos - 09-22-2017

We are going to add support for Alien Arena to Netradiant which is hosted at and maintained by the xonotic team. Most of the parts are done, but there are a couple of features which Max will be working on at some stage, ironing out the next release of AA will be at the top of his priority list for a while yet I imagine.

I'm not a coder, merging in changes from Netradiant would be quite time consuming, makes me more sense to mainline our changes there.

RE: Long time go... - Xulb - 09-22-2017

Hey Neo -- awesome news about you and your daughter -
welcome back!