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Happy Bday Cazazo! - animal - 11-06-2017

Happy bday uncle! Have a great one!
Stop by some day and have a game or two!

RE: Happy Bday Cazazo! - [SiN]bAnfire - 11-06-2017

Happy happy, Caz.
I actually noticed you've been around lately Smile

RE: Happy Bday Cazazo! - Xulb - 11-07-2017

Unc! Have a happy one bro!

RE: Happy Bday Cazazo! - cazazo - 11-08-2017

Thanks guys!!!! I promise I will stop by for a few games Animal!!!
I've just reinstalled the whole system! Configuring takes time... but I'll get there!!!

Regarding being around... yep, every now and then I fire up irc while chatting with the Manjaro ppl for helping me with the distro! I have the settings with the AA irc to log in automatic!

RE: Happy Bday Cazazo! - [OS]$hifty - 11-23-2017

Better late than never. Happy birthday bro :-)