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RE: Nice Article about Firefox and Mozilla - Freaky - 12-01-2017

I usually have 3 to 6 Windows of firefox opened with at least 10 tabs inside each one.
That was to much for the old one! Especially after watching videos the browser took multiple gigabyte of RAM. After days I it became so slow that it took sometimes 30 seconds until loading a site or 5 seconds delay between clicking on a link/tab and loading/showing it. Restarting firefor solved it - until the next time.
I have always been to lazy to mess around with customize the GUI. I installed a theme, added bookmarks, moved some Icons - and thats it. So I don't need the high customization.

I just love the new Quantum. I became kind of mad about firefox due to the performance. But now I am in love again. I like the design and usability. The add ons that I need (adblocker and so on) are working fine. The speed and stability is fine too. And the development tools are now integrated instead offering it by a odd one (firebug).
I must count to the mass market they are aiming.

RE: Nice Article about Firefox and Mozilla - xenos - 12-02-2017

Compatibility breakage is a part of software development, take AA for example, sometimes in making omelets eggs get broken. I don't use many add-ons and the ones I do use have all been updated, so in my case this isn't a problem.

Did I read you right? 3K tabs?! What!? That alone makes you a niche user, nothing wrong with that, but you're using the software in a way that was probably unintended.

Some people don't like change, fair enough, thankfully we have many choices. I find some of the UI changes a little counter intuitive myself, but people will put forth their complaints and ideas and Firefox will continue to evolve, it's a little early to be writing it off IMHO.

RE: Nice Article about Firefox and Mozilla - Max - 12-02-2017

I just checked. Exactly 2,823, plus 12 in SeaMonkey. The browser is still reasonably smooth because I disable most JS and run a tab suspending addon.

I understand that compatibility breaks are normal, but they didn't just break compatibility. They significantly reduced functionality. It would be one thing if features were replaced with equivalent features, but in this case features were replaced with nothing. In addition to tab suspending, UI customization is mostly gone. For instance, if you have 9 different addon icons like I do, putting them in the same toolbar with the URL bar makes the URL bar too short and that makes the browser unusable. I fix that by adding a new toolbar at the bottom with all my addon icons and the back/forward buttons. Can't do that anymore in Firefox.

Like I said, it's the right move for Mozilla to take Firefox in this direction, and I wish them well. But it also means that Firefox and I must part ways.

RE: Nice Article about Firefox and Mozilla - berycz - 12-10-2017

FF used to be very slow, that's why I started to use FF+Chrome
FF for work
Chrome for youtube+facebook+google searching

And lately Chrome is also very slow Smile

As a web developer, I used quite a few addons too, so that is a big problem with new FF.
And then I was quite disappointed, when I found two bugs in FF right after the first start

(btw where is my avatar lol)