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Readme : Cheats, drama, decisions, the way ahead
06-12-2012, 05:15 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-19-2012, 12:05 PM by [SiN]bAnfire.)
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Readme : Cheats, drama, decisions, the way ahead
Originally posted by Sinn:

1/Any posts about cheating/so and so does/so and so doesn't are going to get deleted from these forums, no matter who makes it, whether it names someone or simply implies it/refers to 'known' situations.

2/There is now going to a proper process for dealing with any allegations, which is going to run like this.....

Accusations, evidence, etc etc can be submitted to an op, and that op will be post them in the ops section. There it'll be looked at, discussed, and a 'committee' of devs and ops (still working out details) is going to decide on the validity/falseness of the accusation. Between those involved - any op can discuss/offer an opinion, but it's going to be that small team decides - any verdict, and any necessary measures, are going to be taken.

If someone is accused of cheating, the team is gonna ask for evidence, ask the person involved to demo stuff, etc etc, and reach a rational decision based on as much evidence as we can get.

If that team finds someone guilty of cheating, then whatever punishment is handed out stands, no amount of community hassling will change it.

If the team finds someone not guilty then hopefully that will lay things to rest, people will leave it be. (after quicky chat with another op, I wanna clarify this to say that no, it won't be a case of "innocent, you must play with them" - that is, always has been, always will be, a personal call).

Whatever this committee - mainly the devs, who I'm sure we all trust to be neutral, and to consider all evidence fairly and with an open mind - decides, that is the decision, it stands, no bitching. Obviously if further evidence turns up to change that verdict in future it would be considered though.

We need to move away from this constant war among ourselves, on this and other issues/fronts, where ops/mods/devs decide something, and there's endless lobbying/behind the scenes moaning to try and change it. It does none of us any good. Debate, discuss, yep, but end of the day, someone has to make a call, part of being a great community like we are is being able to disagree, but to support. At some point discussion/explaining has to end, action has to happen, or we go nowhere.

I know it is crappy that it has come to this, but it has been a messy year on cheat allegations/second guessing decisions over a few different situations, it's time to put an end to it all. This is the fairest and least messy way, and something that has been discussed at length in the light of recent events, hopefully the whole community will support us in this, put personal feelings aside, and see that this is the only way ahead, the only way we'll prevent this whole issue from causing ill feeling and splitting our community, something I am sure that none of us want.

Thank you Smile

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