Poll: Bring back .ac.?
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Poll: Bring back .ac.?
04-19-2014, 04:14 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-12-2014, 04:46 PM by [SiN]trickybilly.)
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Poll: Bring back .ac.?
Quote:Some people would bring back ac, some don't, so I would like to post a poll to see what the community thinks.
It starts now, these are the rules

AC revival plan

This plan contains the new changes and basic information about the new ac.

Main aims to revive [AC] 1) clanmatches 2) new players

How will ac help clanmatches?

Those who were ac reps will be ac reps once again. Ac reps and ac students both will be “joker cards” in clanmatches, meaning they can substitute for any clan. This will make bigger clanmatches easier, especially for the upcoming Summerfrag which Starts June 21. We cannot foresee how many new players will join ac, but we can tell that ac even without new members will make clanmatches easier – which will come very handy for the upcoming tournament.

How can one join a clan?

Signing up for ac as earlier.

Opening for offers

There will be new changes regarding opening for offers. After joining ac one receives a Welcome thread for e.g. "Welcome in AC-name of the player". The thread will be formed like a poll. If your clan likes and interested in that player you may vote on the poll to let him know. It is up to the clanleader to decide if only ac reps or any of it´s members can vote. Voting in the poll does not mean to make an offer, it´s just an unofficial way to show a candidate that your clan is interested in him and probably (but not certainly) will receive an offer after graduation. At the 15th day a candidate is open for offers (all this happens in the Welcome thread). Any ac rep may inform the candidate that he is now ready to receive offers. The offer itself can be made by any ac rep or in the absence of an ac rep by any clan member. However it is up to every clan to decide whether all his members may offer a place in their clan or only it´s ac reps. Notice: the candidate has successfully graduated AC and therefore removes his AC student tag. The next 5 days the clans will have enough time to offer, and at the 5th day a candidate may choose from the offers.

Helping new members

I recommend gathering all helpful information at one thread or any other integrated place, and maximal support in the education of new members. Rigel will make an ac bot for aaclan, but he needs to be open for the community´s suggestions regarding it.

Duration and ending of ac

I wanted to integrate the will of both those who have voted “yes” and “no” for the revival of ac. Ac will open now and will have a 4 month of trial period. After that if someone is not satisfied with the results he can make a poll to see what the community thinks in general. The ending of the previous ac was kind of sudden and after it some posted that it was sudden and some wanted to keep the old system. The most democratic way to decide will be a poll after 4 months if it is needed.
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
My 1st question is are there enough new ppl to bring it back for? and 2nd is do U think it would have more value to it if we tweaked it a little..What I mean is change some of the protocol and not have it EXACTLY like before???...Sorry, I'm not gonna vote just yet.......But I will later if ppl keep this thread alive...
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04-20-2014, 02:36 AM,
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
IMHO ac should never have been stopped, it was a huge success when it first came about and still has value in this community.

04-20-2014, 01:14 PM,
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
I agree with Xenos too, AC deserves a chance. I think we'll have a couple of new players if we open it again. That's why I would like to see what people think and how they vote on this poll.
04-20-2014, 01:20 PM,
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
AC was awesome!
Sadly, most reps stopped doing what they were supposed to do.

This is the major reason for it to be put in cryo.

If this changes, ac can be revived.
If not, waking it up is without any meaning...
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04-20-2014, 03:27 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-20-2014, 03:28 PM by {DO}Rigel.)
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
I kinda think we need AC too - no matter how slow the game is AC was serving its function. It might have been harder to detect what it was doing for us, but that doesn't mean it wasn't working. I think it did more than what it was supposed to do - many of the side effects were very beneficial (transparency, resource centralization, propagation of clan information in general, etc).

Unfortunately I was one of the guilty parties who did not do what I was supposed to as a rep. Not because I didn't try, but because I answered in the wrong place. When new votes and opinion polls came along, I answered in #aalclan where nobody saw it (that's where I read the question so that's where I answered). I should have answered in the forum. By the time I made this clear, it was too late, and AC was already disbanded.

In hind sight, slow or not AC was serving a valuable function that is gone now. Just because AA slows down doesn't mean we should dismantle it. I have voted to bring AC back and I'm willing to participate in it whole heartedly. I can't promise to be on top of everything to within a day, but I do read everything in the forum and I try to keep up with #aaclan (harder for me). My clan is very inactive right now, so my reps are not always in IRC either, throwing most of that on me.
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04-20-2014, 09:25 PM,
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
I would work for it - just tell me how, mates!!!
04-21-2014, 07:48 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-21-2014, 08:26 AM by jadedoku.)
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
Okay let's Start the Discussion...

AC was pretty helpful for freshmen's!!! that's fact....
It was good seeing who is new and after reading is here in forum where who is in which clan.

I like the ac System and it was pretty good to talk in #aaclan with new peeps.
Okay here my change tipps.

If someone wants from joining ac he can do that, we post in the Thread aliencadets who is new and all Clanmembers can do it, we dont need the Rep Position.
After 2 weeks he is open for offer (when he has learned the clans know and the people)
Now come the clue ... when he is open for offer bon or something do a Thread open that he is open for offer and all clanmembers can like post a offer (we dont need the reps position) ... and the guy can choose a clan.

its my idea for this Discussion.
04-21-2014, 10:37 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-21-2014, 10:39 AM by vista.)
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
i not sure what changed since ac is dead?

well ac was nice but so it;s much better.

it;s not that difficult for everyone. easy question to a player, want join this clan? he say yes or no.
even if a player really want join this ONE clan he need not to wait also that long till open for offers and etc.
so he can ask that clan he wants and the clan say yes or no as players can do.

true is ac was for everyone to read and know what happend, also to give informations
but its not like now you don;t know everything you even can see wich players join at their clan threats or websites, its not like "WTF what;s up now?!"

ac was hard to get there players in if they can;t good english. - i were lost too omg xd
even some think it;s a clan they not know what ac is.

i think it;s good so as it is but if ac is back there really need maybe a change maybe a big change but it is not old ac?
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04-21-2014, 04:42 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-21-2014, 04:45 PM by animal.)
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RE: Poll: Bring back .ac.?
This poll is meaningless. There is no reason to revive AC if doesn't get a facelift.
Yeah I was a rep also, I tried my best in the beginning then I got lazy. AC was a great thing, I had some of my best times in AA when I was in AC. But there is no meaning to keep it as it was. I would also like to see AC come back, but not like it was. Some things must get changed, some removed and some added.

I agree to get rid of clan reps, at least their roll as recruiters and telling newcomers who want in to AC to tag up. Clan reps should fill in when the Clan leaders are absent or can't be reached. At the end we were useless. All of us who are active can do what the reps did (finding new fair players, showing them the ropes and eventually getting them in AC). Clan reps did have the ability to fill in clan matches like AC did. That can be fixed. Something like the "floating reps".

Put in your ideas so we can make the best of AC before reviving it.

- Edit -

BTW, there is another poll where the 1st 2 places are tied. Please vote on it so we can get over with it http://red.planetarena.org/forum/showthr...2#pid11302
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