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Linux Sound Probs?(Read before posting)
06-12-2012, 05:28 PM,
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Linux Sound Probs?(Read before posting)
2011-03-30 Update:

OpenAL Soft is at version 1.13. Details at (And the current version of Alien Arena is 7.51.) Did a quick check of new OpenAL, and it was ok on my system -- but, I do not run PulseAudio -- so if you see any new problems, a report in this thread would be appreciated.

2010-10-20 Update:
There are reports that in Ubuntu 10.10 they have figured out new ways to break game sounds.

OpenAL Soft is at version 1.12.854. However, there are many updates in the git repository since that release. See The git repository is at If you build from that, and it helps, please report in this thread.

2010-01-18 Update:
OpenAL Soft 1.11.753 has been released. This fixes PulseAudio compatibility. Release notes are available at:

2010-01-04 Update:
There is a new bug report for PulseAudio. Technical details are at:
As I understand it, this might cause the game to "lockup" during initialization.

1) Make sure you have the latest updates for PulseAudio and OpenAL.

2) Alien Arena uses Ogg-Vorbis sound files. You probably already have Ogg-Vorbis support installed.

3) Working around the PulseAudio/OpenAL problem can be as simple as adding a new text file in your home directory named .alsoftrc (the '.' is important). Using your favorite text editor, put this in the file
If that doesn't work try these:

4. Check this forum message for additional information:
OpenAL Sound Updates in SVN (2009-09-17) and 7.31+

5. If all that does not help, post in the Technical Info Section under Alien Arena Technical Info or Bugs Reported. Please post useful information about your system and sound setup. OpenAL-Soft has a utility called openal-info; post the output from that. Your version of Linux may have a similar utility with a different name. If you find it please post its name in this thread.

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