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For all us old guys
03-02-2016, 12:18 AM,
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For all us old guys
(Saw this on the web)

Rolling Stones announce landmark concert in Cuba. (truth off, humor on). But they aren't as young as they used to be. Rumor has it that they're working on a new album called "Steel Wheelchairs".

Tracks include:
  • Hey! You! Get Offa My Barcalounger!
  • Let’s Take A Nap Together
  • I Can’t Get No Circulation
  • It’s Only Dulcolax but I Like It
  • Help Me Up!
  • Gimmie a Tax Shelter
  • Brown Splenda
  • 19th Hip Replacement
  • Limpin' Jack Flash
  • You Can't Always Chew What You Want
  • She’s So Old
  • Nursing Home Women
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03-02-2016, 03:26 AM,
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RE: For all us old guys
LOL Good one!
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03-05-2016, 02:45 AM,
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RE: For all us old guys
I like the one by Maroon 5 : "Squint like Jagger"
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