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Heeey! :D
10-30-2016, 09:10 AM,
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Tongue  Heeey! :D
Hello everybody! Finally, I have a decent connection now and I reinstalled AA in my laptop.

I need somebody that could tell me if there were been some changes after I stopped playing, like new stuff (maps, features, ...) or news (good or bad)!

Thank you in advance, I need a little bit of gameplay (too inaccurate at the moment!)
See you soon m8s, I missed you Tongue
[Image: DOKyX.png]
10-30-2016, 01:24 PM,
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RE: Heeey! :D
Aloha Kyxy!

Of course plenty has changed!

Just look around a little on the forums, like the thread named "Generation 3".
And if you'd like to experience all the new stuff, just install the game from SVN Smile
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10-30-2016, 02:12 PM,
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RE: Heeey! :D
Hey Bon! Big Grin
Thank you for your reply, I watched some news in the Gen 3 thread today and it's truly awesome! \m/
I don't remember some things about IRC and some commands for testing in the new maps, like starting a new gameplay alone or recording a gameplay. Anyways, do somebody use IRC or it's dead? I reinstalled IceChat and connected it with some channels I used to have in the past. Please tell me if something relevant has changed about IRC. Wink

Another thing: tourneys are still here? And do you know if other people from my clan [DO] are still playing AA? Like Rigel, for example. Big Grin

See you soon in gameplay! I really appreciate your reply. Thank you a lot! Big Grin
(10-30-2016, 01:24 PM)[SiN]bAnfire Wrote: Aloha Kyxy!

Of course plenty has changed!

Just look around a little on the forums, like the thread named "Generation 3".
And if you'd like to experience all the new stuff, just install the game from SVN Smile
[Image: DOKyX.png]
10-30-2016, 04:19 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-30-2016, 04:20 PM by chessplayer.)
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RE: Heeey! :D
Hey, nice to see you back, Kyx!

I'm not sure about the other two, but to record a gameplay, type:
Quote: record name_of_the_file
And to stop recording:
Quote: stop

There was no change in IRC (at least not in the main channel), but there aren't many people chatting there unfortunately.

About tourneys, there was one some days ago, but it was an exception, they are not very frequent anymore. [BPC]Mamabear who also came back from inactivity some weeks ago is trying to organize one event with voice chat over Mumble every Thursday (would be nice if you could be there!), you can check her thread here:

I'm not playing very much anymore, but I hope we can meet in the arena soon Smile
[Image: ctchessplayer1.png]
10-31-2016, 05:19 AM,
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RE: Heeey! :D
IRC is still there and not much changed.
Only the commands you sent to register, identify, and so on, always need to
start with "/msg ", where it used to be okay to simply write /ns identify pw.
IRC is still active, but not like the old days.
Hopefully, it will be again Smile

I think, if you drop the console and type "help", you get a full list of all ingame commands, not sure
though, and can't try right now either
Ban? Who Can I Ban???
10-31-2016, 06:43 AM,
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RE: Heeey! :D
Thank you guys! Great to rejoin AA and see you are still here!
I'm having some serious troubles with graphics, but only with latest SVN revision (5160).

(Please note: I don't think it's a trouble that affects other people, so I don't think that is a real bug and I don't think it should be right to open a new thread in "Bug reports". I reinstalled AA after a while and I'm noticing some issues. If somebody thinks it's better to move this, I'll be happy to open another thread or to move this in another place!)

I know I'm playing with the integrated graphics and with a laptop (Intel HD 3000, 2nd gen Core i5-M), connected to a 24" full HD screen, but without SVN everything worked sooo smooth!
With latest revision, I have some problems starting from the launch menu (sigh): black background, sometimes I can see the animated image on the left (yes, not always!), selected option turns black, no "Alien Arena" on top. See the screenshots below:

[Image: s4qp8w.jpg]

Also, this is what I get in gameplay (all maximum, without SVN everything worked great):
[Image: 1196ykz.jpg]

But after a while (some time needed, like 10 minutes or so):
[Image: 2ur709e.jpg]

Everything works good if I use the lowest video settings, but, obviously, better graphics are always better! Cool

Another thing I noticed is that fps are high and the game is super smooth, even if there are issues with walls, as you can see. With lowest settings I have high fps, too, but it is a lot smoother with highest settings, even if I have issues.

Thank you in advance m8s! Big Grin Have a good day!

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