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Warsow Dead
12-17-2016, 11:56 AM,
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Warsow Dead
Hi all, have just finished reading this article on phoronix. If anyone has an account there (yup I'm lazy), it may be a good time to comment about Alien Arena's status considering the article also notes that xonotic development is stagnant.

12-17-2016, 12:06 PM,
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RE: Warsow Dead
Thats good news. Lets hope that AA will benefit from it.
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12-17-2016, 01:32 PM,
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RE: Warsow Dead
I've known about this for some time, but didn't post, as I find it actually quite sad. While Vic and I have had some sparring back and forth over the years, the truth is he and I go way back to a time before Warsow, and even collaborated on CodeRED: Battle For Earth. I consider him a good man, and it's a shame that something he put his heart and soul into was de-railed the way it was.

Xonotic, I think suffers from a development structure that just doesn't work, and the biggest problem they have is that the engine, Darkplaces, is no longer actively developed and has fallen far behind many other engines in terms of visual effects and efficiency. There was talk of moving to another engine, but their engine of choice wasn't really much of a step up, and has also stagnated. Really, CRX would be a great choice, but I imagine there is some pride that would prevent using our engine given the silly "rivalry" of sorts that has gone back for over a decade.

I did comment on the article, and addressed Michael directly for not mentioning Alien Arena. Though he has written about AA a few times in the past, favorably, it's always kind of been a bit lukewarm, as he was always a big Nexuiz/Xonotic fan, and favored that game quite a bit over AA. I know he's aware of us, maybe he forgot, or maybe he hasn't stayed current - it's not like I've been blasting news about our development over the past couple of years, so it's understandable if he did forget.

It's true though, there there is, and has been for some time, a massive void in the free aFPS world, as most projects have faded, or died completely. In fact, it's not just the free games that have suffered, many recent commercial games have failed badly too. Commercial Nexuiz, Shootmania, Toxikk, Reflex, all games that promised to revive the genre, and missed the mark(though of those, I still maintain that Toxikk is a really solid game - I think it's failing because of a lack of advertising and not getting enough of an initial playerbase to seem "active"). There are some others(Diabotical looks interesting), and of course Unreal Tournament IV and Quake Champions(which IMO looks like the genre busting hit of them). UT4 I have been testing and playing, and at the moment, it's pretty disappointing in most everyway after a new update that pretty much ruined the gameplay. Quake Champions has a great opportunity to really revive the genre, and I think that AA will benefit and ride the wake created by QC. As many know, we are working to improve the game on every level, and that we also plan to have a version that is released on Steam(you can still get the free, fully compatible version from our website as well, and SVN). The Steam version will have a different stats system, and a lot of bonus content, but will be a low-cost alternative to QC. That's the plan, anyway. AA will always be free for those who want it that way, and always open sourced.
12-17-2016, 02:55 PM,
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RE: Warsow Dead
Warsow is a good game, I do mourn its passing.

On the other hand, it's hard to truly kill an open-source game, even one that was developed by a closed team with no public repo. It could still be forked and maintained by the community, and I think that would be great.
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