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SVN on Windows
09-20-2014, 01:37 PM,
Post: #31
RE: SVN on Windows
Hmm this seems to be odd to me tricky. I had a look at the FAQ page on the TortoiseSVN site and found this. But since the name of the file is different this problaly isnt the problem :S
moreover i read that a other error is common on win7 systems. its fixed by service pack1, so do you have service pack1 installed? i also read that virus scanners or other tools that opens the files can causes errors (but not the error you have). try it again after deactivating your anti virus scanner - its a try worth.
otherwise i have no idea Sad good luck on fixing it
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09-20-2014, 02:07 PM,
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RE: SVN on Windows
i had this issue and it was caused by using the same name for a new svn install.
this was solved by removing everything, installing again to a folder with a new name, remove it and go back to the "old" folder name.
don't ask me why...
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