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Level A Day #16 - CTF-Violator
06-06-2017, 12:16 PM,
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Level A Day #16 - CTF-Violator
Level Name: CTF-Violator

Status: Complete - final polishing stage

Known Issues:

Possible tweaks:
06-06-2017, 12:17 PM,
Post: #2
RE: Level A Day #16 - CTF-Violator
This level has been updated in SVN with the changes/fixes from DM-Violator. There really shouldn't be any issues, but you never know Wink
06-06-2017, 06:36 PM,
Post: #3
RE: Level A Day #16 - CTF-Violator
I have some suggestions in order to improve the map.

The Pipes in the flag room are not clipped
[Image: alienarena_295.jpg]

There are some extra brushes that seems to be useless to me on the red side.
[Image: alienarena_296_mod.jpg]

The Tube is defnitly placed wrong.
[Image: alienarena_300.jpg]

This looks like you can see a part of the other tube. Same in the DM version!
[Image: alienarena_298.jpg]

Beside this: The doors should have the parameter "team" setted. This will improve the flow in a fast ctf game when you want to preopen the doors by shooting on them. This is a optional improvement of the DM version as well.
[Image: 1mj8I8vrcsu7.png]
If you want to touch the sky - f*ck a duck and try to fly!
06-09-2017, 02:38 PM,
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RE: Level A Day #16 - CTF-Violator
Closing thread, working on map now.
06-09-2017, 06:48 PM,
Post: #5
RE: Level A Day #16 - CTF-Violator
Finished and in SVN.

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