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3D view and 2D view
09-28-2017, 03:50 PM,
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3D view and 2D view
Hi again,

in 3D view: its hard to handle pov, bcs the mouse is not sensitive there a way to set up netradiant, that the pov is more slow movable with mouser? in preferences the camera speed doesnt change this speed....actually its to fast.

in 2D view: is it possible to zoom with mouse? 

what setup are you using to make netradiand more comfortable?...pls explain and show me your preferences Smile

thank you and greetings from Berlin
09-28-2017, 08:33 PM,
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RE: 3D view and 2D view
In 2d view the easiest way to zoom is using your scroll wheel.

In 3d view you can also move around using your mouse wheel or keys but you must right click on it first.

09-29-2017, 12:43 AM,
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RE: 3D view and 2D view
Thank you xenos and sorry, i forgott to say: mousweel doesnt work jet and i dont know, where in preferences the right setting is...all i tried doesnt work. 3 mousebutton is on.

your desription for 3d, i will try it and hope the moving is smoofer.

Thank you
09-29-2017, 03:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-29-2017, 04:19 PM by Neo.)
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RE: 3D view and 2D view
i featured out, that there are differents between aaradiant and netradiant.

aaradiant works fine with mousewheel and moving in 3d is pretty good...but not in netradiant, but why?

when netradiant will be in future the mapping tool no 1 here (aaradiant getting no longer supported), where can i config netradiant like aaradiant for same handling???

Thank you again



in svn there is a full functionally version of Q3radiant - all textures are shown, and i can build bsp and it works ingaame. But the handling is miserable, no mousewheel.

in downloadlink in my other post under general discussion there is netradiant with the right handling - mousewheel works very well. But no textures and so on.

PLS: where i have to put netradiant in what folder and what i have to set up for getting textures and to get it working?

please help...thank you

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