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10-30-2017, 03:50 PM,
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Guides now up on the Steam Community hub:
10-30-2017, 06:05 PM,
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RE: Guides
Nice read. I have a few questions:
Can you please clarify this? How it is done and what is different?

"Player models all have the same abilities unless the "Class Based" mutator is set on the server(not very commonly done)."


"A player is granted "Reward Points" for each of these achievements, and when enough(25) are accumulated during a game, the alien head icon at the bottom of
the screen will turn red. At this time, a player is granted a choice of using one of three powerups(Alien Force, Haste, or Invisibility)."

Isn't that supposes to be sproing, haste and invisibility?
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