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Best IRC convo's
06-12-2012, 08:51 PM,
Post: #1
Best IRC convo's
Ok, we have some great fun on irc -'s a thread to post copy/pastes of the best ones Smile

And please, remove joins/parts/ip addresses from em before you post. Cheers . Oh, and make an effort to censor swearing lol

[00:01] (Sinn): nanny mcemp?
[00:01] (xEMPERORx): stfu
[00:01] (Sinn): okies marie poppins
[00:02] (xEMPERORx): aight, she can fly
[00:02] (xEMPERORx): that works for me
[00:02] (Sinn): or mary, whatever the feck the old bag is called
[00:02] (xEMPERORx): pop ins, sounds nasty aswell
[00:02] (Sinn): does lol
[00:02] (xEMPERORx): considering shes a nanny
[00:02] (xEMPERORx): aww wellz
[00:03] (Sinn): well, nanny is just a posh babysitter, and we all know how many movies of that there are
[00:03] (xEMPERORx): yea
[00:05] * stirky has had a few au pairs
[00:06] (stirky): hence my multiple divorces
[00:06] (xEMPERORx): lol
[00:06] (Sinn): lol
[00:06] (xEMPERORx): "i just did marie pop ins!"
[00:06] (stirky): mary poppins*
[00:07] (stirky): i'd have done her too
[00:07] (xEMPERORx): lol
[00:07] (Sinn): lmao
[00:07] ([hoax]horse): i think i start recording my trainings
[00:07] (xEMPERORx): ohh stirky, please put away your burdizzo......hun, it aint my burdizzo....
[00:07] (Sinn): lol
[00:07] ([hoax]horse): would be nice to see what i am doing
[00:07] (stirky): lmao
[00:08] ([hoax]horse): i didnt know i had those muscles
[00:08] (xEMPERORx): ooer
[00:08] (Sinn): ^^ very bad timing, and very worrying lol
[00:08] (xEMPERORx): indeed
[00:08] (stirky): lol!
[00:08] (xEMPERORx): guess there are first hairz aswell
[00:08] (xEMPERORx): tis normal then
[00:08] (Sinn): lol
[00:09] ([hoax]horse): yoga would be nice to end of this
[00:09] (xEMPERORx): still have to make bonnie a channel
[00:09] (xEMPERORx): #aasmut
[00:09] ([hoax]horse): i am having some very disturbing feeling in body because i got back opened so widely
[00:09] (xEMPERORx): than again, that wont hold us up to discuss those in here
[00:09] * Sinn says nowt
[00:10] (xEMPERORx): back opened?
[00:10] (xEMPERORx): omg
[00:10] (xEMPERORx): LOL
[00:10] * stirky sez feckall
[00:10] (xEMPERORx): well, whatever suits you is ok i guess
[00:10] (xEMPERORx): very great timing that is tho
[00:10] (Sinn): perfection lol
[00:10] ([hoax]horse): my back was in action like never before
[00:10] (xEMPERORx): lol
[00:10] * Sinn wets self
[00:11] (stirky): madafak!
[00:11] (xEMPERORx): in combination with the nick name
[00:11] (xEMPERORx): hahahaha
[00:11] (stirky): all i can say
[00:11] (xEMPERORx): geez
[00:11] (xEMPERORx): im crying right now
[00:11] (Sinn): me and ker are lmao
[00:11] ([hoax]horse): neck opening nicely too
[00:11] (stirky): lol
[00:12] ([hoax]horse): damn i am comming to be bad
[00:12] (xEMPERORx): omg deepthroat
[00:12] * Sinn has heart attack
[00:12] (xEMPERORx): !
[00:12] (xEMPERORx): lmfao
[00:12] ([hoax]horse): fells like running now
[00:12] (xEMPERORx): there my mascara is all over the place now
[00:13] ([hoax]horse): my body cant wait to be punished again
[00:13] (stirky): let me get back on my chair
[00:13] (Sinn): there's the winner in the irc category when i do the xmas awards
[00:13] (Sinn): lol
[00:13] (xEMPERORx): indeed
[00:13] (xEMPERORx): god, cant stop laughing
[00:13] (xEMPERORx): if it wasnt that a topic, it woulda been worth a forum thread

Posted by xempx on Sept 6, 2010, 1:26am
Ffs, I laughed so hard.....

I might add this:

[01:19:26] <[hoax]horse> now i get it
[01:19:40] <[hoax]horse> i have to like open this baack like 20 times to get it good
[01:19:53] <[hoax]horse> it goes locked again
[01:19:58] <@xEMPERORx> ooer
[01:20:05] <[hoax]horse> if i get it more and more open
[01:20:11] <[hoax]horse> it will stay open i think
[01:20:15] <@xEMPERORx> LOL
[01:20:31] <@xEMPERORx> cant believe someone wants that
[01:20:36] <[hoax]horse> its true
[01:20:41] <[hoax]horse> its most amazing
[01:23:15] <[hoax]horse> omg 7 years of hell has changed the form
[01:23:23] <@xEMPERORx> im laughing again
Posted by Max on Sept 6, 2010, 1:38am
* [VP]Rsvlt (IP redacted) has joined #alienarena
<[VP]Rsvlt> Hiya AA
<Sinn> ello thar m8
<maxtothem> hi roos
<[VP]Rsvlt> Max!!
<[VP]Rsvlt> How goes, asks the rose!
<Sinn> oh no no noes not the rose!
<maxtothem> never greater alligator
<[VP]Rsvlt> LOL... gadz
<[VP]Rsvlt> We need help!
<Sinn> lol
<Sinn> oh whelp, we need help, we do indeed, it's what we need!
* Sinn gives up now
* [VP]Rsvlt spells Dr Suess!
<[VP]Rsvlt> spells = smells...
* [VP]Rsvlt had totally autonomous fingers, apparently...
<silencer_> thats even worse!
* Sinn throws a moose at Suess
<[VP]Rsvlt> In a noose on the caboose!
<silencer_> a moose at Suess? how obtuse!
<Sinn> lmao
<[VP]Rsvlt> I think we should be in #ChildrensPoetry?
<silencer_> way ahead of you
<[VP]Rsvlt> lol
<maxtothem> don't give up yet sinn
<Sinn> hmmm, #crapdoggrelverse ftw!
<[VP]Rsvlt> hee hee... never a dull moment
<maxtothem> go out and get him
<maxtothem> to write more
<maxtothem> though it be a chore
<Sinn> lol, i gave up on poetry 20 years ago, it was uniformly crap lol
<Sinn> hehe
<maxtothem> I used to be better at this
<maxtothem> nowadays it's hit or miss
<maxtothem> sometimes I rhyme
<maxtothem> sometimes I don't
<maxtothem> sometime's it's prime
<maxtothem> sometimes it sucks
<maxtothem> ...
<maxtothem> dammit
<silencer_> ir feels your pain
<Sinn> heaven knows, but sinnos prose is pretty poor, who'd want more?
<silencer_> ^ canuck
<Sinn> not me cried sinn, now pass the gin, i must drink to forget!
<Sinn> lol
Posted by Max on Sept 6, 2010, 1:49am
<maxtothemax_> looks like nVidia has some memory leaks and other problems in its GL libraries
<maxtothemax_> valgrind is going nuts
<maxtothemax_> I should probably let them know or something
<maxtothemax_> so does ODE
<xEMPERORx> good luck with tha
<xEMPERORx> *t
<Cthulhu> arg... guess I should be glad the new laptop has an ATI
<xEMPERORx> eww ati
<Cthulhu> first ATI I've had in years
<maxtothemax_> ati is pretty good these days actually
<maxtothemax_> almost everything has problems under valgrind really
<xEMPERORx> will be the last for the next few yeas i reckon
<xEMPERORx> lol
<xEMPERORx> im bored
* xEMPERORx eyes some foodage
<maxtothemax_> if something is valgrind clean that means it probably has no mistakes in it at all
<Cthulhu> yeah, no more major purchases for me for a bit... hehe
<BlackIce> maxtothemax_: here, valgrind's also going nuts on the getenv() function
<Cthulhu> food... now that is a dang good idea... I need to locate dinner
<BlackIce> but yeah, the nVidia drivers make it scream like a baby in a bath of boiling water
<maxtothemax_> yeah
<Cthulhu> lol
<maxtothemax_> I know exactly what you mean
<Cthulhu> that... concerns me, somewhat... ... hehe
<bonfire> babies in abath of boiling water?
<BlackIce> ... wait, bad example, babies don't scream *that* long when put in boiling water
<Cthulhu> why do you have such knowledge of the sound of babies boiling?
<bonfire> wow, and i thought i was evil
<maxtothemax_> depends if you put em in head first or not
<Cthulhu> BabyTea?
<BlackIce> rofl max
<bonfire> lol
<bonfire> they scream the first 30seconds if u do
<silencer> welcome BlackIce
<BlackIce> Argh, now I'm hungry
<BlackIce> hello silencer
<maxtothemax_> I dunno, it's the wrong weather for baby soup
<maxtothemax_> too hot
<Cthulhu> yeah, I smell something cooking downstairs too... lol...
<Cthulhu> aight folks, bbiab
<Cthulhu> cyaz

<Cthulhu> Only problem I've had with this channel is I get disconnected... every ... day
<Cthulhu> Don't know if there's a setting preventing idling or if the server's being shut down or what
<GreenTea> everyone seems to ping out
<maxtothemax> is the tab on your eth cable broken off?
<Cthulhu> but I get home from work and it's kicked me off sometime in the night
<Cthulhu> what??
<maxtothemax> irr seems to be having the same problem actually
<GreenTea> sorry i mean i see a lot of ping outs the couple of times i have been here
<maxtothemax> the little tab that holds the cable in
<Cthulhu> My cable is healthy
<Cthulhu> lol
<maxtothemax> that's why I keep having to rejoin
<maxtothemax> cos I unplug and replug it every day (laptop)
<Cthulhu> besides, it's only this channel/server I lose connection in
<GreenTea> have you asked your cable how its been feeling recently ? i mean after last nite you should realize ....
<maxtothemax> that would require me unplugging it
<maxtothemax> which I don't want to do
<Cthulhu> It's kinda blue... but I can tell that by looking at it...
<maxtothemax> cause I'd have to rejoin again
<GreenTea> awww poor cable
<maxtothemax> no it's grey
<Cthulhu> You can't see my cable - you don't know
<GreenTea> one's sad and one's melancholy... tough crowd
<GreenTea> my cable is sleek black and sexy, and her name is jill
<Cthulhu> One of my cables is yellow... I keep losing it behind the desk too and have to go hunting for it
<GreenTea> bright yellow or pale ?
<Cthulhu> bright yellow
<maxtothemax> oh that's hawt
<GreenTea> happy happy
<Cthulhu> hey now - I think max covets my cable...
<GreenTea> pale would be sickly, you should take your cable to the doctor
<GreenTea> my cable's a very *friendly* person you can have her
<GreenTea> lol
<Cthulhu> I did
<maxtothemax> I've already got 7
<GreenTea> ouch
<Cthulhu> *oops*
<GreenTea> damn
<maxtothemax> so many cables, so little time
<Cthulhu> cable ho
<maxtothemax> I seem to end up accumulating them
<GreenTea> i'm not a cable playa myself gents, i got my standards... sucker for mice tho'
<Cthulhu> Yeah, that's what they all say, cable-pimp-daddy-max...
<maxtothemax> even when they're all worn out
<maxtothemax> it's tough to get them out of the crawl space
<GreenTea> you mean "experienced"
<Cthulhu> Sure is a good thing this isn't a popular channel yet... lol
<maxtothemax> in a business like this, son, ain't no room for euphamism
<GreenTea> lol
<GreenTea> twue dat
<Cthulhu> I expect to log in and here 70's pr0n Funk music playing, while guys talk about their hardware and what they like to do with it....
<Cthulhu> *hear
<GreenTea> i'm just saying you ain't gotta be ashamed of your cougar cables is all
<GreenTea> yeah wow we just became our own stereotypes
<GreenTea> ooops
<Cthulhu> lmao
<maxtothemax> hahaha
<maxtothemax> okay I'm done
<GreenTea> sure is good this isn't a popular.... ohhh
<Cthulhu> lobs
<maxtothemax> lobs indeed
Posted by Sinn on Sept 6, 2010, 2:26am
[00:24] ([GM]BR_): Someone come play tetris with me.
[00:24] ([GM]BR_):
[00:24] (Sinn): rich of me to talk with the mummerset drawl tho lol
[00:24] (stirky): ^lol
[00:24] ([VP]Roosevelt): that sounds like it could be inspiration for a lymerick
[00:25] ([VP]Roosevelt): limbrick?
[00:25] ([VP]Roosevelt): limbernick...
[00:25] ([VP]Roosevelt): whatever
[00:25] (stirky): <cockney accent in a land of micks
[00:25] (Sinn): hehe
[00:25] (Sinn): tis why i picked devon to move to - them buggers is as bad as zummersetters lol
[00:26] (Sinn): there once was a girl played tetris, who said to her teacher 'it makes me wet miss', all those colored blocks, get me thinking of c*cks, any chance we can heavily pet miss?
[00:27] ([VP]Roosevelt): lmao
[00:27] ([VP]Roosevelt): great sinn... great

(note, slightly edited to remove a few un-needed things)
Posted by Sinn on Sept 12, 2010, 12:10am
[22:57] ([Sup]Slic): anyway i have some news
[22:58] (BillySick): ....
[22:58] ([Sup]Slic): ti was right about someone taking my rank
[22:58] (BillySick): its because you talk all game
[22:58] ([Sup]Slic): i checked the site's stats
[22:59] (BillySick): what site?
[22:59] ([Sup]Slic): his name is Tommy
[23:00] (BillySick): he stole your stats, or he overtook you by playing more/better?
[23:00] ([Sup]Slic): the site was the alienarena homepage
[23:01] (BillySick): icculus has no stats?
[23:01] (AlienCat): I am confused
[23:01] ([Sup]Slic): ok...
[23:02] ([Sup]Slic): wait till bonfire hears of this.
[23:02] (BillySick): lmfao!
[23:02] ([Sup]Slic): and sinn
[23:02] * BillySick wets self
[23:03] ([Sup]Slic): lol
[23:03] ([Sup]Slic): ok...
[23:03] *** BillySick is now known as Sinn

I lol´d.
Posted by Max on Sept 17, 2010, 7:39am
<Gibleteer> im just somme skinny girl with a mouse and internet connection !
<MaxToTheMax3> i'm just some fat guy with no pants and an internet connection
<MaxToTheMax3> okay sorry Sad
Posted by Sinn on Sept 17, 2010, 3:11pm
Didn't know the Palm Pre was linux
Posted by Pro_C on Sept 17, 2010, 5:58pm

Your not one of them on chatroulete are you ?

Posted by Sinn on Sept 21, 2010, 4:48pm
[19:13] (xEMPx): i flooded my kb physically with some fluid
[19:13] (xEMPx): driver works great tho Tongue
[19:13] (xEMPx): and allo sinno
[19:13] (BillySick): ello there m8
[19:13] (BillySick): ahh, aim away next time you watch porn

Not from main, but heh, hope emp don't mind
Posted by Max on Sept 24, 2010, 5:18am
There's some good ones here:

Posted by Pro_C on Sept 27, 2010, 6:27am
<Frank> how do i use aimbot
<Cactus> while playing, you press Alt+F4
<Frank> but that will close the window
<Cactus> well, what do you expect, this is not a game for tossers
<Frank> salad tossers?
<Cactus> if you insist
<[VP]Xenos> Hey Frank, cheating is not looked upon well in this community
<Frank> salad tossing isn't cheating
<[VP]Xenos> No but using aimbots is
<mamabear> how to use aimbot u point and shoot
<[VP]Xenos> If you salad toss your mother in law it is cheating
<mamabear> lol
<mamabear> eww
<Cactus> lol, theres another name for it too
<mamabear> frank how did u here about this aimbot?
<[VP]Xenos> They taught him in play group
<Cactus> soggy sao
<Cactus> last one eats it
<[VP]Xenos> Cactus, for the love o' pete, take it to #mamsmut
<Cactus> Big Grin
<Cactus> dont get me started on pete, lol
<[VP]Xenos> If you love peters it's another channel you need! Tongue
<mamabear> cause we dont have any of that here and who ever told ya needs to be kicked for lying to u
<Cactus> :o
<[VP]Xenos> I am an aimbot
<Frank> so what do i do with aimbot.exe?
<[VP]Xenos> Stick it up your a$$
<Cactus> lol
<[BPC]blamehole_> lol
<[VP]Xenos> Like I said, cheating is frowned upon and not tolerated here
<Frank> ok now what
<Cactus> get a life
<Cactus> or gain some skills
<mamabear> well its a virus and u must delete it
<Frank> can i poop it out first?
<[VP]Xenos> Trollage is another, dagnabbit gimme the kick button
<[BPC]blamehole_> what is an aimbot?
<[VP]Xenos> An aim assistant for asshats
<Cactus> frank is an aimbot, he aims things up him self without thinking
<Frank> yeah
<Cactus> dry as paper
<Frank> are you guys at the convention?
<[VP]Xenos> Yeah, doyle collectors from way back
<mamabear> lol ok
<Frank> i got probed
<Cactus> i bet
<[BPC]blamehole_> yep thats cheating
<[VP]Xenos> Yup
<Frank> i thought it was like an expansion pack
<[VP]Xenos> Umm, definitely not
<Cactus> it expands your insides
<[VP]Xenos> lmao!
<[BPC]blamehole_> lmao
<Frank> i'm an famous architect
<Cactus> sounds gay
<Cactus> i think ima stop before i get into trouble, lol
Frank [Frank@] has quit IRC: Quit: Frank
<Cactus> yay

Posted by [SiN]bonfire on Mar 5, 2011, 2:39am
dunno if it qualifies for the best in irc convo's, but it sure was funny ;D

[22:20] <Vertical> eloz
[22:20] * Vertical (Vertical@ Quit ( Quit: AlienArena IRC 7.50 )
[22:20] * Vertical (Vertical@ has joined #alienarena
[22:20] <Vertical> siema
[22:20] <Vertical> ;p
[22:20] <Vertical> JOIN #alienarena
[22:21] <~bonfire> you are in #alienarena
[22:21] <Vertical> JOIN :#alienarena
[22:21] <Vertical> Im?
[22:21] <Vertical> no ;P
[22:21] <Vertical> Im PL...
[22:21] <Vertical> <3
[22:21] <Vertical> Bye byeee ;
[22:21] <Vertical> ;*
[22:21] * Vertical (Vertical@ Quit ( Quit: Vertical )
[22:23] <Deguisse> top

Posted by Sinn on Jan 8, 2012, 4:57pm
Been a while since anyone posted here, this seemed bizarre enough to warrant an entry!

[14:39] <+Booom> heya Smile
[14:39] <+Booom> [15:15:24] <ICETea112> booom <-- who is this ?
[14:40] <&Misfit> ur webcam friend maybe
[14:40] <&Misfit> Tongue
[14:41] <&Sinn> shh, that is the little baby jesus, he fears touching and praise should he not conceal his identity
[14:41] <&Sinn> and ello of course
[14:41] <&Misfit> hehe
[14:42] <+Booom> lol
[14:42] <+Booom> hey Sinn
[14:42] <+Booom> nah Missy i don't think soo
[14:44] <&Sinn> note you are not so quick to dismiss the possibility it is jesus - you just don't know on that, do you!
[14:46] <+Booom> you are drunken
[14:48] <&Sinn> drunken with righteous joy that the baby jesus aka ICETea112 has been born in a manger in dm-dismal2k11!
[14:49] <&Sinn> you have brought him all the gold he can eat and no dangerous balm in order to praise him?
[14:50] <+Booom> heh
[14:51] <&Misfit> watch out! learn from a wise man!
[14:51] <&Misfit>
[14:51] <&Sinn> hehe
[14:51] <+Booom> heh
[14:52] <&Misfit> why?
[14:52] <&Misfit> whats wrong?
[14:52] <&Misfit> hmm
[14:52] <&Sinn> and hands above the table, gourds are for haggling, not fraggling
[14:52] <&Sinn> lol
[14:52] <&Misfit> ack, ack
[14:52] <&Misfit> lol
[14:53] <+Booom> h
[14:53] <+Booom> e
[14:53] <+Booom> h
[14:53] <&Sinn> this could deserve a spot in best irc convo section, that aint been updated for a long time
[14:53] <&Misfit> hehe

Please note Misfit said he is not Misfit, I should camouflage his nick - so Misfit is not Misfit, it is someone pretending to be Misfit and not in fact Misfit. Yw m8 Smile

As requested, drum roll please, and a fair bit of editing/some more came hours later (ooerr) that I missed out, give a round of applause for.....analman!

Joins: {DO}Alnilam (_DO_Alnila@XX.XX.XX.XX)

<~bonfire> seems like someone is using clantags he/she shouldnt
<&Sinn> lmao, i have bad mind, i read that as {DO}Analman :S
<~bonfire> hehe
<IK-FIN> hahahha
<~bonfire> i had to look twice too
<&Sinn> lol
<IK-FIN> rofl
<~bonfire> sick mind, i guess
<&Sinn> glad it aint just me sick lmao
<~bonfire> oh noes, i got infected by sinno's sick mind
<&Sinn> i leave mental scarring and moral twisting wherever i pass by lol
<{CBMP}Freaky> lol frag is alnilam
<Alnilam> yeah. what's so funny? lol
<Alnilam> got a problem with that freaky?
<&Sinn> have i missed summit?
<{CBMP}Freaky> i havent a problem with it. i thought he (you) is a faker before i compared the ips lol
<Alnilam> i saw some reference in chat while in game
<~bonfire> i thought so
<Alnilam> talking behind my back! lol
<~bonfire> was me who said that
<~bonfire> just love it
<Alnilam> backstabber! lol
<IK-FIN> Sinn missreaded the Alnilam to "analman"
<IK-FIN> lol
<Alnilam> sinn would do that
<Alnilam> sorry, and boring as it may be, alnilam (i can't even spell the dang thing!) is an orion star
<&Sinn> ahhh lol
<Alnilam> rigel wants us to be orion stars
<Alnilam> yeah. i wanted something shorter than betel...whatever lol
<&Sinn> beetle juice sounds porny anyways, yoko ono knew all about that i guess
<Alnilam> maybe i'll get used to it lol
<&Sinn> hehe, good luck with that!
<Alnilam> thanks for the vote of confidence there sinno
<&Sinn> yw m8
<&Sinn> i already coined 'analman' - ya know that'll stick - sorry, accident, but it will
<Alnilam> yeah, and thanks for that too sinn
<&Sinn> lmao
<Alnilam> first person that calls me analman, i'm coming after you sinno!
<&Sinn> lmao
<Alnilam> where do you live? lol
<&Sinn> england lol
<Alnilam> okay, so you'll have to give me some money to come after you lol
<&Sinn> lol
<Alnilam> already reconsidering nick lol
<&Sinn> lmao
<Alnilam> after what, 5 minutes? lol
<&Sinn> sinn is easy anyways - sinntercourse, sinntoxicate, sinnsane, etc etc lol

* Alnilam is now known as analman

<analman> if you can't beat 'em
<&Sinn> lmao
<&Sinn> rigel will be...impressed
<analman> i'll wait till rigel shows up on his channel. keep my nick as is till then. lol
<IK-FIN> "analman is god!"
<&Sinn> you invaded analmans space
<analman> lmaoi
<analman> can't type
<&Sinn> that's just....wrong lol
<IK-FIN> player was probed by....
<IK-FIN> yeah thats enough now. lmao

* analman is now known as lubricatefirst

<&Sinn> lmao
<lubricatefirst> okay, just made myself ill
<&Sinn> oil that mog?
<lubricatefirst> ...still doesn't know what a mog is - lol
<&Sinn> 'moogle' <<worth a google lol
<&Sinn> (it's safe lol)
&Sinn> altho, admittedly, there are some very bad puns in cbmp usage of them lol
<lubricatefirst> ahhh (i've said that b4, and still didn't get it) lol
<&Sinn> (it seemed a good idea when drunk, that's all i have to say on chocs/moogles/boomers!)

* lubricatefirst is now known as analman

<analman> still best
Posted by I.K on Jan 10, 2012, 10:32pm

Awesome! thanks, Sinn
Posted by [SiN]Rilo on May 23, 2012, 1:25am
Hehe this one had me laughing

<rilo> i picked last one
<rilo> after the meltdown
<[DO]BetelGeuse> me umm
<bonfire> pik, is a semi-rude word for the mail organ in dutch
<bonfire> lol
<METALHEAD> noooo waaaay
<[DO]BetelGeuse> MH
<jarhead> yeah, was wondering if i should say it
<bonfire> tis
<bonfire> lol
<bonfire> sure u should
<bonfire> always good for a laugh
<METALHEAD> ok pick
<jarhead> mail organ?
<METALHEAD> oh like wanker in UK
<[DO]BetelGeuse> dm-ahtcity?
<rilo> lmao i guess we just replaced the p with a d Tongue
<bonfire> wanker is somebody doing something
<METALHEAD> we did rilo
<bonfire> not an organ
<bonfire> lol
<jarhead> it's not about an e-mail organ, btw
<rilo> lmao
<bonfire> hehe
<bonfire> see^
<[DO]BetelGeuse> e-mail organ...rofl
* METALHEAD doesnt know what hes talkin about
<bonfire> always good for a laugh
<bonfire> male
<bonfire> lol
<bonfire> damn im tired
<OutCast> how about furious2k8?
<jarhead> indeed
<METALHEAD> how do u e-mail an organ???
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RE: Best IRC convo's
Brand new, never-before-seen archived footage of [hoax]horse in action!

<[hoax]horse> i might be allergic to weed
<Drastic> lmao
* Drastic agrees
<[hoax]horse> if i take weed i get these sport events
<[hoax]horse> if i take too much of it
<stirky> random ping pong?
<Drastic> waterless pool diving?
<xEMPERORx> just read it again
<Drastic> lmao
<stirky> horseless polo
<xEMPERORx> lol
<Drastic> lmao
<[hoax]horse> i get rid of those i know it
<Drastic> omg horseless polo roflmaooo
<[hoax]horse> my body is just straightening
<xEMPERORx> and open
<xEMPERORx> haha
<[SiN]Misfit> wtf
<stirky> lol
<Drastic> lmaoooo
<[hoax]horse> i was like some old man
<Drastic> there are pills for that
<[hoax]horse> very bad standing like makaroni

...twenty minutes or so pass...

<[hoax]horse> that who said there is pills for it
<[hoax]horse> i dont think so
<[hoax]horse> if you mean musclerelaxes
<[hoax]horse> this aint same thing
<Drastic> er k
<[hoax]horse> musclerelazes get your mind out of problem
<[hoax]horse> it far difference to make you a killing machine
<[hoax]horse> than eating some musclereliefers
<Drastic> ah yes, terminator 2
<Drastic> heya
<Drastic> hoax, I meant viagra, not musle relaxers ;)
<[hoax]horse> i dont use drugs
<[hoax]horse> those are bad for ya
<[hoax]horse> just for you to forget
<[hoax]horse> your condition
<[hoax]horse> not making you a superman
<[hoax]horse> food tasted like this when i i was child
<[hoax]horse> i comming back mama
<Drastic> you said u used weed, isn't that a drug?
<[hoax]horse> no
<Drastic> oh
<[hoax]horse> its ancient relief
<[hoax]horse> not relief
<[hoax]horse> its like not reliefing
<[hoax]horse> it puts me some non relexed condition
<Drastic> that's a relief
<[hoax]horse> to make me sport that feeling away
<[hoax]horse> in small amounts
<[hoax]horse> then i get better every time
<Drastic> better at what?
<[hoax]horse> i dont know if i am allercic to that
<[SiN]Misfit> weed isn't a drug? thats new...
<[hoax]horse> it isnt
<[hoax]horse> its just us coverment shit
<[hoax]horse> to say it is
<Sinn> ggs :)
<[hoax]horse> it has been used thousends of years
<xEMPERORx> wow massive diamonds shooting lol
<stirky> ggs :)
<Drastic> gg
<xEMPERORx> ggs :)
<[hoax]horse> medicines are drugs
<stirky> but good shooting empo
<[hoax]horse> even veggies tastes great again
<Sinn> aye :)
<Deku> lol hoax
<[hoax]horse> had to admit
<Drastic> why, veggies didn't taste good before?
<[hoax]horse> i putted some salt on tomatoes
<Drastic> salt isnt' a drug
<[hoax]horse> i had so shitty feeling nothing was good
<[SiN]Misfit> thats new, too
<stirky> <<<<<<<<<had a few medicines (sic) to play worth a shit
<stirky> cyuz
<[hoax]horse> i got bad muscle gramps like 7 years ago
<Sinn> gnite m8 sleep well :)
<[hoax]horse> when i did some mistakes
<Drastic> lol gn stirk
<[hoax]horse> on body
<Drastic> ty for hosting earlier
<stirky> :)
<Drastic> what's a muscle gramp?
<stirky> laterz
<[hoax]horse> and i lost my body to great pressure
<[SiN]Misfit> nite stirk
<[SiN]Misfit> :)
<[SiN]Misfit> u smoke a lot of weed? horse?
<[hoax]horse> it was like tarzan going to no
<[hoax]horse> lol
<[hoax]horse> no i dont
<[hoax]horse> i smoke really tiny amounts
<Deku> all day?
<[hoax]horse> no
<Drastic> lol
<[hoax]horse> 1 smoked 1 time today
<Drastic> doobie size of a dog ?
<[hoax]horse> if i smoke whole day i have to jump here on walls wholedazy
<Drastic> ah k
<[VP]Rifleman> Scooby Doobie?
<Drastic> roflmao
<[VP]Rifleman> :)
<Drastic> heya rifle lmao
<[VP]Rifleman> hiyas
<[hoax]horse> like tazmania more
<Drastic> ?
<[hoax]horse> how i react on weed
<[hoax]horse> that tazmanian devil cartoon
<Drastic> you spin in circles and eat cartoon characters?
<[hoax]horse> something like that
<Drastic> hmmm
<Sinn> avoid acid ;)
<[hoax]horse> i thing not for long
<Drastic> roflmfaaooooo
<[hoax]horse> i have big image of body now
<Drastic> me too marilyn monroe on desktop
<[hoax]horse> i think i get this shitty transformation ended in lik 1 week
<Drastic> you... transformed?
<Drastic> into?
<[hoax]horse> like potato to sandwich
<[SiN]Misfit> transfomers, ftw ;)
<Drastic> that would be... a hash brown
<Drastic> lmao@misfit
<[hoax]horse> i have an idea
<Drastic> you transformed into a hash brown?
<[hoax]horse> if small amount of allergic reaction makes you transform
<[hoax]horse> in better condition
<[hoax]horse> that would make a sense
<Drastic> and it sounds like it's done wonders for ya m8
<[hoax]horse> i has
<[hoax]horse> if i am allercic to it
<[hoax]horse> but i think it feels like an some kind of allercic wakening
<Drastic> that would be hives and itching
<Drastic> very common
<[hoax]horse> hives?
<Drastic> yep
<[hoax]horse> means
<Drastic> bumps , itchy bumps
<Drastic> unless you get bee hives, then you're sol
<[hoax]horse> but if its like allercig reaction to your breathinhg
<[hoax]horse> and i get like less air
<[hoax]horse> then i have to go training to get more air
<[hoax]horse> heh
<[hoax]horse> thats how i develop it
<Drastic> I don't train to get more air, I open a window but meh
<Deku> maybe its because potato sandwiches are allergic to air
<Drastic> roflmaoooooo
<[hoax]horse> so simple and easzy
<[hoax]horse> small allergic reaction on
<Drastic> yep, grab window, lift
<[hoax]horse> and then make you sport to feel easier
<Drastic> what sport?
<[hoax]horse> then you got again little further
<[hoax]horse> leg works
<[hoax]horse> shadow kicking and boxing
<Drastic> I get mad at my shadow too, the damn thing keeps following me
<[hoax]horse> i stare it to get seen what places ant working that smooth
<[hoax]horse> and try to get those places to work
<Drastic> heh, could be awkward depending what isn't working
<[hoax]horse> that is awesome
<Drastic> yep
* Drastic goes for ciggy
<[hoax]horse> like think weed makes you get little less oxygen
<Deku> less to the brain region
<Drastic> I heard holding your breath has the same effect
<Drastic> brb
<[hoax]horse> and that is the reaction to make your body to develope
<[hoax]horse> if it goes like less air more air less air more air...
<[hoax]horse> thats why they dont want you to use it
<[hoax]horse> because its a cure
<[hoax]horse> and they dont get payed with medicines then
<[hoax]horse> if there is a cure for mankind
<[hoax]horse> they had to develope awful drugs to put weed to drug too
<[hoax]horse> that was so easy
<[hoax]horse> does someone have had some air in stomack problems?
<[hoax]horse> i think those are the biggest issues on me
<[hoax]horse> because if i get them out i feel so much relaxed
<maxtothemax> drink less soda and eat slower
<[SiN]Misfit> it is a fart ;)
<[hoax]horse> or barf
<maxtothemax> belch I was thinking
<[hoax]horse> that might be those are the effects of me going to walls those airs
<[hoax]horse> heh
<maxtothemax> could be...
<[hoax]horse> i have to start joga
<[hoax]horse> and eat slower
<[hoax]horse> i aint mentally ready to eat slow
<[hoax]horse> that is rare moment
<Gibleteer> :)
<maxtothemax> just have something else to do while you eat
<maxtothemax> that slows you down
<[hoax]horse> yes aa
<[hoax]horse> i am so anxient to do something whole time
<[hoax]horse> i better start is there some pills for air in stomack?
<Drastic> yep, it's called farting
<[hoax]horse> yes i know that
<[hoax]horse> but i have no gas in i think
<Drastic> oh, here I was going to demonstrate but ok
<[hoax]horse> i have to barf big time
<[hoax]horse> many timer
<[hoax]horse> and that aint that easy alway
<[hoax]horse> i start learning now how to get that air not going in me
<Drastic> lol
<[hoax]horse> i think its just temporary
<Drastic> what is?
<[hoax]horse> airs in
<Drastic> temp air
<[hoax]horse> my body is really straightening lot
<[hoax]horse> i was like 6cm shorter 2 months ago
<Drastic> I get emails about that
<[SiN]Misfit> lol
<Drastic> gain 4 in in 3 weeks
<[hoax]horse> i was 172 cm 18years old
<[hoax]horse> now i am 185-187cm 33 years old
<[hoax]horse> that is big difference
<[hoax]horse> believe me
<[hoax]horse> but i have best reflexed around here
<Drastic> anyone for insta?
<Drastic> :)
<[hoax]horse> i have noticed
* maxtothemax can't take this anymore
<Drastic> lol
* Disconnected ().
Quote:* maxtothemax is back
<maxtothemax> with a vengeance
<maxtothemax> and chips
<maxtothemax> and bean dip
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RE: Best IRC convo's
Lots of helpful tips here, thx Max
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RE: Best IRC convo's
and then this happens:

[02:39] <DaNi> and tunning cars too
[02:39] <vaan> no much trickjumping
[02:39] <vaan> no jumping too
[02:40] <DaNi> now seriously, AA is a SHOOTER
[02:40] <DaNi> in that game no SHOOTS
[02:40] <DaNi> in that mode*
[02:41] <DaNi> u want a mod of non shooter games, in a shooter Undecided
[02:41] <vaan> yea
[02:41] <vaan> because that all campers
[02:41] <DaNi> i would like Key hunt in AA, or VIP
[02:42] <vaan> becaus they don't know how to move
[02:42] <DaNi> and ?
[02:42] <vaan> yes why not?
[02:42] <DaNi> in CTS they will be crouched
[02:42] <DaNi> -.-"
[02:42] <vaan> aya rhey need to lear
[02:42] <vaan> n
[02:42] <DaNi> because it is a SHOOTER
[02:42] <vaan> I don't gave up
[02:42] <DaNi> CTS is race
[02:42] <vaan> and now i am map fastest
[02:42] <DaNi> they won't lear,
[02:42] <DaNi> and it will be a waste of time
[02:42] <DaNi> because it won't be made
[02:43] <DaNi> btw, is this [SE] chan or other ? lol
[02:43] <&Misfit> main
[02:43] <&Misfit> Tongue
[02:43] <&Misfit> lol
[02:43] <LadyKyo> Big Grin
[02:43] <&Misfit> welcome
[02:43] <DaNi> :-P
[02:43] <&Misfit> haha
[02:43] <DaNi> :-O
[02:43] <&Misfit> lmao
[02:43] <DaNi> there are more people !! :-O
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RE: Best IRC convo's
I lol'd tears... Big Grin
07-04-2012, 10:10 AM,
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RE: Best IRC convo's
It's like poetry, really
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RE: Best IRC convo's
Soooooo tempted to say more, but I'll leave it at "now that's funny!" LOL

(07-03-2012, 09:51 PM)[SiN]bonfire Wrote: and then this happens:

[02:39] <DaNi> and tunning cars too
[02:39] <vaan> no much trickjumping
[02:39] <vaan> no jumping too
[02:40] <DaNi> now seriously, AA is a SHOOTER
[02:40] <DaNi> in that game no SHOOTS
[02:40] <DaNi> in that mode*
[02:41] <DaNi> u want a mod of non shooter games, in a shooter Undecided
[02:41] <vaan> yea
[02:41] <vaan> because that all campers
[02:41] <DaNi> i would like Key hunt in AA, or VIP
[02:42] <vaan> becaus they don't know how to move
[02:42] <DaNi> and ?
[02:42] <vaan> yes why not?
[02:42] <DaNi> in CTS they will be crouched
[02:42] <DaNi> -.-"
[02:42] <vaan> aya rhey need to lear
[02:42] <vaan> n
[02:42] <DaNi> because it is a SHOOTER
[02:42] <vaan> I don't gave up
[02:42] <DaNi> CTS is race
[02:42] <vaan> and now i am map fastest
[02:42] <DaNi> they won't lear,
[02:42] <DaNi> and it will be a waste of time
[02:42] <DaNi> because it won't be made
[02:43] <DaNi> btw, is this [SE] chan or other ? lol
[02:43] <&Misfit> main
[02:43] <&Misfit> Tongue
[02:43] <&Misfit> lol
[02:43] <LadyKyo> Big Grin
[02:43] <&Misfit> welcome
[02:43] <DaNi> :-P
[02:43] <&Misfit> haha
[02:43] <DaNi> :-O
[02:43] <&Misfit> lmao
[02:43] <DaNi> there are more people !! :-O
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RE: Best IRC convo's
This thread became kind of old... however there was a great convo today. [hoax]Horse was involved again. I almost felt from my chair because of laughing. Smile

Oct 19 21:20:09 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i want some magic mushrooms
Oct 19 21:20:30 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> dont u have any in finland? Smile
Oct 19 21:20:48 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> yes we have the best ones here in wild nature
Oct 19 21:21:10 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> and its harvesting time also
Oct 19 21:21:31 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> lol
Oct 19 21:21:45 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i got telepathic skills last time i used them
Oct 19 21:22:06 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ>
Oct 19 21:22:10 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> this one?
Oct 19 21:22:19 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> u shouldnt eat them Smile
Oct 19 21:22:33 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> why you say that
Oct 19 21:23:26 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i cant see your link
Oct 19 21:24:02 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> Psilocybe is a genus of small mushrooms growing worldwide. This genus is best known for its species with psychedelic properties, widely known as "magic mushrooms". Psilocin and psilocybin are the psychedelic compounds responsible for the psychoactive effects of many species in the genus.
Oct 19 21:24:25 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> ...
Oct 19 21:24:32 <silc> eh lol dont eat that stuff
Oct 19 21:25:39 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> ok we drinked it as a tee last time we used it
Oct 19 21:26:11 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> im gonna stay with rum here lol
Oct 19 21:26:42 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> it has been said that mushrooms are good for a trauma
Oct 19 21:27:12 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> how old are you, horse, btw?
Oct 19 21:27:21 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> 36
Oct 19 21:27:38 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> i know u all the years i play and never asked about age Smile ok
Oct 19 21:27:57 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i am aretro player
Oct 19 21:28:18 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> still have fast reflexes
Oct 19 21:28:29 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> mushrooms wont help u aim tho :-P
Oct 19 21:28:30 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> Big Grin
Oct 19 21:28:50 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> ofc worse than me u cant be Big Grin
Oct 19 21:29:12 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i dont have my favourite mouse around here
Oct 19 21:30:25 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> those magic shrooms are really stress relief things
Oct 19 21:32:27 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> once my friend and i was like pulling our forehead backwards because it felt like our foreheads are falling out of head
Oct 19 21:32:58 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> we both felt it and i think that was telepathic
Oct 19 21:34:32 <@{CBMP}Freaky> lmao
Oct 19 21:34:43 -Notice- {from Global} [bonfire] Saturday Insta Tourney Starts In About 90 Minutes: All Are Welcome :-)
Oct 19 21:34:45 <~bonfire> Saturday Insta Tourney Starts In About 90 Minutes: All Are Welcome :-)
Oct 19 21:34:46 <@{CBMP}Freaky> i still wont try that stuff
Oct 19 21:35:10 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i dont try magic mushrooms lol
Oct 19 21:35:39 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i am still strongly alive after using it
Oct 19 21:36:09 <@{CBMP}BeryCZ> lol
Oct 19 21:36:19 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> my friend used like 150 mushrooms
Oct 19 21:36:33 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> and he was lying on my bed
Oct 19 21:37:06 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> then he said it aint fealing like anything
Oct 19 21:37:20 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> then i put my stereos full volume
Oct 19 21:37:32 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> and he like fell inside my bed
Oct 19 21:37:38 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> for like 10 mins
Oct 19 21:37:47 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> after he waked up
Oct 19 21:38:07 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> he said it was better than any orgasm ever
Oct 19 21:38:37 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> he felt like his bones stretched like 10 km
Oct 19 21:38:46 <@{CBMP}Freaky> lmao
Oct 19 21:39:28 <@{CBMP}Freaky> 150 mushrooms are a special kind of performance
Oct 19 21:39:47 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i only took like 80
Oct 19 21:40:16 <@{CBMP}Freaky> still alot
Oct 19 21:40:31 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> and weed also
Oct 19 21:40:49 <@{CBMP}Freaky> something else i will never try
Oct 19 21:40:51 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> ofc
Oct 19 21:41:25 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> thay say we have the best mushrooms here
Oct 19 21:41:48 <@{CBMP}Freaky> so we (germans) should import finnish ones?
Oct 19 21:41:49 <@{CBMP}Freaky> lol
Oct 19 21:42:12 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> if you got some asian collectors to import those
Oct 19 21:42:56 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> i miss those times when we used to be in big groups using mushrooms
Oct 19 21:43:26 <@{CBMP}Freaky> well you would need them for harvesting, not importing
Oct 19 21:43:31 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> and compose music and playing dos games
Oct 19 21:43:39 <@{CBMP}Freaky> heh
Oct 19 21:44:21 <@{CBMP}Freaky> how many mushrooms did you guys used?
Oct 19 21:44:54 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> we didny use those really much
Oct 19 21:45:01 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> only in september
Oct 19 21:45:10 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> when they crowd
Oct 19 21:45:23 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> in nature
Oct 19 21:45:47 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> some guys did crow those in aquariums
Oct 19 21:45:48 <@{CBMP}Freaky> i reckon they are better when they are fresh
Oct 19 21:46:09 <@{CBMP}Freaky> ...where those were eaten by the fishes
Oct 19 21:48:04 <@{CBMP}Freaky> however... this convo deserves its place in the best convo thread lol
Oct 19 21:53:20 <[OS_Hoax]Horse> ...
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