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Usefull links 'New edition'
10-21-2012, 03:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-08-2015, 12:55 AM by Blindman.)
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Usefull links 'New edition'
there used to be a thread here with some really usefull links.
i deleted that.

some of those links had become obsolete and there has been a request for
a new list of usefull links.

first of all, i would like to urge to all people to use google or yahoo to
search for answers to just your problem.

it is impossible for us to maintain a list with answers for each and anyone.
simply typing 'alien arena + 'your_problem_here' gives u thousands of hits and answers.

the links we can supply u all with, are links that help u on the way, like 3rd party maps,
tutorials, interesting stuff to read, twitter and facebook links and so on.

to avoid posts from unwanted spammers, i will lock this thread, but if u feel that i missed a link
that really should be in here, feel free to send me a pm with that link and why it
should be in here Smile (official homepage) (but i am here already? yes, u are, but i added this so u can post the link to the
entire thread on your facebookpage, twitter account etc.) (link to one of our mumble servers) (link to the second mumble server) This server apparently no longer available. (irc tutorial) (help and tips on these forums) (tutorial for movement, gunjumps etc.) (speaks for itself) (speaks for itself) (xenos' 3rd-party content page) (freaky's 3rd-party content page) (tutorial to set up svn on windows) (serverbrowser) (awesome reading stuff, written by a serial fragger game developer) (one twitter account) (one more twitter account) (speaks for itself) (alien arena site in czech) (Official Google+ page of Alien Arena; news on what's happening in SVN and more) (max' alien arena and tutorial site; demo archive and mapping guide-- temporarily down) (alien arena site in german)

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