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Add Bots?
11-19-2012, 01:28 PM,
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Add Bots?
Hi again:
Anyone there knows how to add various bots at the same time
with a bot file (bots.tmp) using the command console (sv addbot botname
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RE: Add Bots?
i aint sure what execactly you meant with your question, but i will try to help you (at least with giving some infos)
you can add bots with the command 'sv addbot botname model/skin' ('sv addbot botname' should also works) - as you already found out. beware that bots also takes slots (1 bot takes one slot) and it will only works without botkickthreshold (so bots wont get kicked when a number of players gets reached). but you cant add 5 of them at the same time, you have todo it in row.
those .tmp files under /botinfo/ which are mostly called mapname.tmp tells alienarene on loading the map how the bots are called, what models and skins they have. i dont know if there is a command to load the bots from one .tmp file.
- if you want to have a couple of bots at same time on a special map add some bots via 'sv addbot ...'. you will find a file under /botinfo/ called bots.tmp. rename it to mapyouwant.tmp. if you play this map and have enough slots (and no other settings about bots) those bots will gets loaded.
- if you want to have always the same bots on one server also create this bots.tmp file (as descriped above), rename it to custom1.tmp. in your server cfg has to be the line 'set sv_custombots 1' (if you just play type 'set sv_custombots 1' in your console)

long and maybe to technical post, but i hope it helped Wink
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RE: Add Bots?
first start a single player game, then add your bots with sv addbot. After you have all of them, let them play for a min then exit. Now go to your botinfo folder and sort it by time/date. Find the newest file, it will be either bot.tmp or team.tmp. Copy and rename that file to .../botinfo/custom1.tmp. Now in your server config:

set sv_custombots 1

Note: if you have a custom2.tmp the line would be this:

set sv_custombots 2

Make sure that your dmflags are set to allow bots in the game, and may also want to set sv_bothkickthreshold to however many bots you want to have in your game. As each new human player joins, 1 bot will be kicked until all the bots are replaced.
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11-19-2012, 07:53 PM,
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RE: Add Bots?

When I first started playing I wanted to load up a single player game with bots, and I put a script file; you could call it bots.cfg, in the .codered/arena directory (this is in linux)

The contents of the script look like

sv addbot Satan enforcer/blackngreen
sv addbot Lucky slashbot/cyrax
sv addbot Shizzle slashbot/sektor
sv addbot Greasy martiancyborg/cold
sv addbot Dipstick martiancyborg/midnight

Then I would type

exec bots.cfg

at the command console after starting a single player deathmatch game and it loads up the game with bots.
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11-19-2012, 08:35 PM,
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RE: Add Bots?
I have it!!
Is not like you said but it works nice because you can add bots when you want, and is easy to configure them. Look how:
1. Create a new text file in the "data1" folder called "bots.cfg".
2. Inside that file (bots.cfg) write this:

//Add bots
sv addbot commander commander/default;
sv addbot enforcer enforcer/default;
sv addbot lauren lauren/default;

You can add and configure all bots as you want (i dont know what happend if you adds more bots than empty slots...)

3. after that, playing game, only you have to open the command console and write:

exec bots.cfg

And you will see how that bots enter.
Thanks again for the help
See you Smile

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