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Spectator Mode
12-11-2012, 04:44 AM,
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Spectator Mode

Spectator mode has some major changes with the Alien Arena release for version 7.65. The spectator point-of-view is now the same as the chase target's. Formerly, the point-of-view was from above and behind the chase target. Various defects and bugs have been corrected.

If a public server has not disabled spectators nor set a spectator password, anyone may become a spectator. If you want to follow another player, it is a good idea to ask first.

Server operators are strongly advised to review and set spectator configuration variables.

In the program, variations of spectator mode are used by team games and duel mode games. This leads to variations in the use of spectator mode.

Using Spectator Mode

Spectator mode is controlled using a cvar (console variable). For non-team games, this is straight forward. For team games, it gets a bit complicated For duel mode, spectator mode is automatic; players waiting in the queue are spectators.

For non-team games, set the spectator cvar to 1 to enter spectator mode. Set it to 0 to exit spectator mode.

For team games, do not select a team. Rather, set the spectator cvar to 2 to enter spectator mode. After spectator mode is entered, set the spectator cvar to 1. To exit spectator mode, reconnect to the server and select a team.

Use the SPACE BAR to select the chase target. Use the left mouse button to disconnect and reconnect to a chase target.

Server Configuration

Clearly, spectator mode can be misused. For public servers, it is possible to disable it or restrict access using a password.

maxspectators : Set to 0 to disable spectating. Set to 1 or more to specify how many spectators are allowed.

spectator_password : Set this to a non-empty string, other than "none", to password restrict spectator mode. This is independent of the regular player password. One could be a spectator, but not have the password to enter the game.

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