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IRC Rules
06-15-2012, 07:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-15-2012, 07:24 PM by Misfit.)
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Exclamation  IRC Rules
Originally posted by Sinno:

Given a few recent events, we decided to re-write the IRC rules a little and bring them up to date a bit more.
The list is pretty big, but the essence is simple - Just treat others with a little respect and we'll all get along just fine.

OPs : OPs are there to moderate the channel and make sure it goes smoothly. One of em asks you something, they aren't doing it for health reasons.
We don't want to ban people, but we will if necessary. And don't try and 2nd guess ops, they don't have to explain their actions,
there's an internal system to deal with any ops actions should they get out of line.

Voiced Users : Some people get a voice. They also have the power to kick or ban people from the channel.
They're all trusted community members, and like OPs are there to ensure it all runs smoothly.
Again, don't try to 2nd guess them, there's a system in place should any get out of line.

No talking in CAPITAL LETTERS : It's annoying. It's rude. It'll also get you kicked or banned (and this is done automatically, so be careful!)

Be polite : Asking us "why the f*ck this sh*t don't f*ckin' work" isn't going to inspire people to help you. A plz or a ty go a long way.

Racism : Absolute no-no. You will be banned. End of discussion. On a side note about the N word,
since some seem to think it's okies to come in and talk like some rap artist or gangster, it isn't.

Religion and Politics : Too often discussing these on IRC ends up in somebody offended or in heated arguments that leave ill feeling.
Please avoid, or take it to PM/make a room of your own.

Personal Messages : Are, generally, private. But, if we get regular complaints about you PMing someone with offensive trash
then we will put a stop to it.

Don't use Offensive Names : Please don't log in with names containing swear words or insults.

Spamming/Flooding etc : Please don't paste huge quotes, repeat yourself over and over etc. It's annoying, and it will get you kicked eventually.
Also don't repeatedly spam links to websites. Persistent offenders will be permabanned.

Other Games : This channel is for Alien Arena. Discussion of other PC games is fine within reason, but coming in and saying "AA is shite,
go play GameX woot!" will get you kicked. Also, if we've never seen you before, expect a little hostility if you come in telling us how great game X is.

Swearing : Please consider that we do get a number of young players. We also all cuss at times lol. So be it, but keep it to a civil level please.

Bouncers : Because of some recent events then using Bouncers to connect to the chan is very likely to get you removed.

If you are permabanned : Don't bother PMing people and asking for it to be removed. They can't and they won't remove it.
If you really think you deserve a second chance then post in the forums in the irc section and it will be discussed and decided on.
PMing people in chan and whining will NOT help your case. Nor will attempting to evade the ban.

General : We all want IRC to be a decent place to hang with our buddies, to be as stress free as possible.
In an ideal world OPs wouldn't even be needed, there'd be no reason to ban anyone. A bit of respect and courtesy goes a long
way. As any of our regs will tell you, the ops aren't monsters wielding a big stick and waiting to show off their power by beating someone.
Be polite, show a little respect, and everyone gets the same in return = a happy channel Smile

As I'm sure most people who hang out in the chan will agree (and hopefully some will post here with a lil support lol) - We can all get along.
If it seems that people have problems with you, instead of cussing or yelling about persecution, take a long hard look at yourself first.
If 99% of people in chan can get along fine, then what are you doing wrong?

**NOTE** The chatroom belongs to us all. Each and every one of us wants it to be a cool place to hang.
So, any amendments to rules, things that need adding, or anything needs clarifying etc, feel free to discuss/suggest here.
It's our chat room, between us we'll make (well, keep, since it already is) it a great place Smile

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