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New Alien Arena based game in the works.
03-02-2013, 03:43 AM,
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New Alien Arena based game in the works.
It's been awhile since y'all have heard much out of me, I bet you think I've lost interest and am too busy still reveling in the glow of the Raven's World Championship, eh?

Not so fast. Actually I've been steadily working on something brand new for Alien Arena. This isn't just a new game mode, it's actually a full new game in and of itself. The mode will be part of the free game that you all enjoy currently, with some demo content. The full version of this game will available for retail(that is the plan anyway), and will have premium content and server access. This has been something I've been planning actually for a long time, and started laying out the groundwork for it some months ago. Some of you who have access to the development section already know. I'm sure many have been wondering about those nifty new guns that the alien characters are holding in the player menu as of 7.65 too.

The game is called Alien Arena Tactical, and it is more or less what it sounds like. It's a team based game pitting humans against aliens, in a struggle to destroy the other's bases. Each team has multiple class types, each with different abilities. Some can plant bombs, some can detonate them, others spawn with super weapons and can disarm bombs. Each base is comprised of multiple components, all of which interact with another, and all of which must be totally destroyed for victory. Maps will be large, urban decay types that simulate a battlefield(i.e ctf-extermination and similar). Disabling portions of the base will do different things, such as blowing up the enemy's main computer will cause the defenses(turrets, deathrays) to shut off, or blowing up the main power source will cause the computer to resort to backup power and cause the defenses to be erratic and ammo generator to slow down. Weapons don't respawn, and there is no ammo laying about(it all comes from the base's generator). Movement is slower, there is no dodging, and there will probably be leaning around corners added. The game will require a large amount of teamwork to win. In short, it'll kinda be a sci-fi tactical type game that is not as much akin to a military shooter as it is Team Fortress or similar style.

I've been working on this a couple of hours each night, and I have made some progress. If you have SVN you can join in my test server(password "shithead"). Mind you, the movement is still a bit ragged until the prediction code is updated, and there is no actual "game" yet, just some elements to it that I've finished. Basically now you can get in the server and drop bombs that the bots can arm(note - you have to join as either a martian warrior or human enforcer to drop bombs). Players start with a blaster(aliens have their own, humans their own). If you're a warrior or human enforcer, you also spawn with a single, very powerful bomb. If you're a martian enforcer or Lauren, you spawn with a single detonator. To drop a bomb, you switch to the bomb thrower(scroll wheel, or whatever you use to cycle weapons), and press fire. To arm a bomb, you simply touch it. Commanders and Overlords spawn with vaporizors and minderasers, and can disarm a bomb by touching it.

Bombs are different looking for teams, but do the same things. Picture:

[Image: bombs.jpg]

I'm hoping to have a demo of the game by summer. I only get a couple of hours a day to work on this because my main employment keeps me very busy, but that is nothing new, that's really always been the case. Most of the work is creating the assets, which I enjoy doing immensely. The code work is partially completed, and the main portion of the game rules will be coming as soon as I have each of the base components completed(I am currently working on the alien computer systems). I'll keep posting pics and updates in this thread as they come.

All in all, this game mode may or may not appeal to the existing player base. Some will probably hate it's slower pace, others may really enjoy the intricate team work and strategies involved(believe me, you'll see what I mean). This should bring in some new life-blood into the game's player base, and particularly because it will be also a commercial game(though low priced), it may garner a little more attention than a free game would. I'll explain more about the demo version vs premium account stuff later, right now I have to focus on getting the demo finished so you guys can beat on it for awhile.
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
It Look like great Big Grin
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
Looks good as far - wanna see and try more.
i reckon i will still prefer the classic alien arena

but there are few things i recommend you should do, particularly since you plan to sell it:
'better' documentation, including good tutorials how to play (we have some, but they might be hard to find, so include them in the game itself somewhere as submenu)
and multilanguage support, so that you can choose your language including of keyboard layout. i mean the keyboard layout doesnt matters, you have always the english one at the moment, thats confusing when some buttons are swapped (or you have no clue where the : is - like me lol). and that the menu and the status msgs are in your choosen language. i reckon that shouldnt be a problem when aa has a other gui (but i aint dev). it isnt needed, i have no problem with english (anymore), but that its only in english is a con for many, you can find it under the ratings on many downloadsites. i guess most common langs should be enough: french, spanish, german and few more...
just my cent
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03-02-2013, 09:45 PM,
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
The menu could be translated, but some messages are sent directly from the game server, and internationalizing them is more tricky.
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03-04-2013, 04:19 AM,
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
Wow, keeping yourself super duper busy =P Tactical sounds fun. Be a whole new box of tactics (playstyle) to learn and thats always fun =)
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03-08-2013, 05:21 PM,
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
Sounds like copy of Warsow Bomb & Defuse and CTF: Tactics *cough* Smile

Good luck anyways.
03-08-2013, 05:32 PM,
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
(03-08-2013, 05:21 PM)crizis Wrote: Sounds like copy of Warsow Bomb & Defuse and CTF: Tactics *cough* Smile

Good luck anyways.
maybe u should try it before u come with coughing comments.
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
(03-08-2013, 05:21 PM)crizis Wrote: Sounds like copy of Warsow Bomb & Defuse and CTF: Tactics *cough* Smile

Good luck anyways.

Well given that I have never played that mode of Warsow in my life, I'd have to say that is a bit of a bold statement.

So, I looked up on your wiki what "Bomb and Defuse" mode is about and well, uh, LOL. So just because AA Tactical will have bombs that can be armed and disarmed that makes it a copy of Warsow's mode? That is just one small part of what AA Tactical is. Besides, somehow I don't think that Warsow invented the concept of planting and arming bombs. Big Grin
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
Guys and Gals, loyal Martian invaders....

I have a crude version of the game committed to SVN. Much, much has yet to be done, but the basic game rules are in place, and I have a fully functioning demo map running on a server. You must have SVN for this to really work for you, so if you don't, please don't join the server. The password for the server is "shithead". There are some bots, but they get kicked as players join.

I'll use this thread as a basic guide on how to play. Eventually we'll need to come up with real documentation but this will do for now.

As stated, there are two teams, Humans vs Aliens. Each team has three classes of player, and each class has different abilities. I'll outline the basics below. There are some armor and health differences, but I won't go into that just yet. Please use the in-game server browser to join the server. If you use Galaxy or any other tool, please make sure to select one of the characters below. Eventually I'll put code in that will prevent any other characters, but I haven't gotten to that just yet.

Human team:

Lauren: can arm bombs by touching them.
Enforcer: can plant bombs(scroll weapons and you'll see the "dropper" appears(uses the deathball view model).
Commander: starts with a vaporizer, and can disarm bombs.

Alien team:

Martian Enforcer: can arm bombs by touching them.
Martian Warrior: can plant bombs(scroll weapons and you'll see the "dropper" appears(uses the deathball view model).
Martian Overlord: starts with a mind eraser, and can disarm bombs.

Humans can only pickup rocket launchers, flame throwers, and chainguns.
Aliens can only pickup disruptors, beamguns, and smartguns.

The bombs look like this:

[Image: bombs.jpg]

The goal is to destroy the other team's base. Each base is comprised of three main components that must be destroyed in order to win.

Power sources:

[Image: power.jpg]

Central Computers:

[Image: computers.jpg]

Ammo Depots: (top left of this next image, you must destroy the pad where the ammo spawns)

[Image: tacmisc.jpg]

There are items in each base that help you defend. Laser barriers, and deathrays. Note, the human and alien deathrays look the same for now, I will be making a different model for the humans soon. For now, just remember that the human deathrays are on their side of the map, and vice versa. Also, I will be making the laser barriers destructable, but they are not at the moment. (this will be fun to use bombs to blow them up, etc).

Destroying parts of the base will cause other parts to behave differently. Blowing up the central computer will cause the deathrays to act erratically, even firing on their own team, and it will disable the lasers. Blowing up the power source will cause the laser barriers to shut off, and make the ammo depot run on backup power(note - I will be adding a little generator model that will have sound and everything when it turns on). Blowing up the ammo depot will cause the team to no longer have extra ammo outside of what the weapon has on pickup.

Some other notes:

1. Speed is slower(and there are still some hitches yet, so please don't fill this thread with complaints, we are aware and working on it). Dodging is disabled. Note - we will probably be adding leaning around corners if possible.

2. You can only pick up one weapon at a time outside of what you spawn with. Weapons do not respawn, there are only a certain amount of weapons available(eight per team). The game is designed for a max of 16 - 20 players. (there is a bug where it is possible to pick up multiple weapons if you can manage to find two close enough together and land on them at once).

3. Weapons do not respawn. If you die, you drop any weapons you have, and they are left try not to die in enemy territory!

4. There are no powerups, but health and armor are scattered about. Ammo can only be picked up at the ammo depots.

5. Aliens and Humans spawn with different looking lasers, but they are the same in every way.

6. Alien items are generally green, Human are red. You'll notice conduits running around the map connecting all of the base parts together from the power source.

Just remember this is very crude at the moment. A lot is still likely to change and many things to be added. Some things are placeholders, like the humans weapon spawn pads - they will get different looking ones, and different deathrays. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles, and sounds yet, but all of that will be coming soon. A lot will change with the HUD as well that will be indicating what condition team's bases are in, etc.

I may make a subforum specifically geared towards Alien Arena Tactical shortly.
04-06-2013, 08:37 AM,
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RE: New Alien Arena based game in the works.
Does this also run under linux?

I just tried to connect and got an error stating unable to load map final-extermination.
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