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CTF doesn't change maps?
04-10-2013, 12:31 PM,
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CTF doesn't change maps?
Hi again people:
I have this question on CTF mode:
When you are playing on CTF mode and you finish the game (frag limit),
The game again set the same map, and it doesn't load the next map (Other rules like DM do it).
How can i fix it?
Maybe with a custom server file?
Thanks again
04-10-2013, 01:37 PM,
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RE: CTF doesn't change maps?
it sounds like you choose ctf from the host server menu and play. im not sure if there is a maplist for it tbh. for the case you dont already have a custom config for the server creating and using one would definitly fix it. if you realy use host server menu what i guess type
set sv_maplist "map1 map2 map3 map4"
in your console. for example set sv_maplist "ctf-oblivion ctf-invasion ctf-frostbyte ctf-extermination". Then restart the game and update the server by using the command 'startmap mapname'. for example startmap ctf-violator. It doesnt matters if this map is listed in the sv_maplist. however now all scores should be resetted, when time or fraglimit is reached it should loads the next map from the sv_maplist (if the map you are playing on isnt listed there it will begin with the first one).
if you want contiune play a other time you should copy the sv_maplist and the startmap command in a .cfg. this cfg should be located in the arena folder eg. /arena/changsctf.cfg
next time you create the server again you simply type "exec nameofyourcfg.cfg" in your console, so in this case "exec changsctf.cfg". in this case i recommend to enable mapvote. the command is "set g_mapvote 1"

hope it helped you Smile
-if you use/host the server otherwise as i guessed jus tell it to find a other solution
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04-11-2013, 11:54 AM,
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RE: CTF doesn't change maps?
It worked!
My problem was that i was using the command "map ctf-corrosion", not "startmap ctf-corrosion"
Thanks for the help again Freaky
See you Smile

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